Students studying in MathSpace

For students taking a Developmental Math course(Math 093/097/099), the MathSpace is a great resource for achieving success.

The MathSpace features:

  • Two rooms equipped with 48 computer terminals for students to complete math homework assignments.
  • Tool such as MyMathLab, ALEKS and Web Assign that can be used to work on homework assignments.
  • Students can use the MathSpace to access video lectures (please bring your own headphones), animations and multimedia textbooks to improve their understanding of course content.
  • Students can learn how to use specialized math software such as Mathematica, MathType, TI interactive, Sketchpad and Derive.
  • The MathSpace has group and individual tutoring areas and offers weekly review sessions for developmental math courses.
  • If you need help with college level mathematics please see the TASC center (