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Division of Humanities and Learning Communities

Welcome to Bunker Hill Community College’s Division of Humanities and Learning Communities. The Humanities is the cornerstone of a college education, providing students with the knowledge, skills and habits of mind to adapt to any pathway in their educations, careers and lives. A degree in the Humanities prepares students to think critically, communicate effectively, make connections across disciplines, and apply classroom learning to real world challenges.
The Division houses the Departments of English, English as a Second Language, Foreign Languages, and Creative Arts. Associate in Arts Degrees are offered in Communication, English, Foreign Language, General Concentration, Music and Theatre. These Degree Programs prepare students to transfer to four-year colleges or universities to seek bachelors’ degrees in their area of concentration.
The Division is home to the Office of Community Engagement and the Office of Learning Communities, two innovative programs that provide students with opportunities to learn in an active, collaborative and supportive environment. These two programs immerse students in rich and relevant learning experiences that foster inclusive excellence and cultivate engaged and responsible citizens.
For more information about our programs, please visit the Departmental websites. The Division Office is located in C-building, Room 301. Our committed team of faculty and staff look forward to working with you.
Lori A. Catallozzi
Dean of Humanities and Learning Communities