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Learning Community Clusters enable students to take two or more courses together, and learn and study with the same group of students. First-time-to-college students pursuing associate degrees and enrolled in nine or more credits are required to take a Seminar or a Cluster within their first yearIn Clusters, faculty members have planned their courses together around common themes. Clusters offer small class sizes and hands-on activities such as field study and team projects.

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Interdisciplinary Clusters

Culinary Calculations

Culinary Calculations - 11 credits

Environmental Politics

Environmental Politics - 10 Credits

Language & the Mind

Language & the Mind - 6 credits

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Letters to Unknown Artists

Motivations & Movements - Course

Motivations & Movements: Exploring Careers in Behavioral & Social Science - 6 credits

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Patriots & Petticoats I - 6 credits

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Patriots & Petticoats II - 6 credits

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Power in Actions, Passion in Words: Western Psychology Meets African American Studies - 6 credits

Accelerated English Clusters

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Accelerated English Cluster - 6 Credits

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Crash - 6 credits

Consumable Planet

Consumable Planet - 6 Credits

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Dig Where You Stand: Urban Community Histories - 6 credits

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The End is Near: Reading, Analyzing and Writing about Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

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Inside the Sky

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Liberating the Mind

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Lyrics, Images, and Words that Matter: Looking at Social Issues through Music, A

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Making Dreams Real - 6 Credits

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Money Changes Everything - 6 Credits

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Outcasts, Outsiders and Otherness

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Stories Through Success: Writing Through Memoir - 6 Credits

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Writing from the Inside Out

Accelerated Math Clusters

It All Adds Up

It All Adds Up - 6 Credits


STEM Starter Academy Cluster

Integrated Reading & Writing Clusters

Building a strong foundation - Poster

Building a Strong Foundation - 6 Credits

Reading & Writing:Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders - 6 credits

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Hot Topics and Big Stories: What’s in the News - 6 credits

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Stories of Our Lives: Reflecting on What Shapes Us - 6 credits

Professional Studies Clusters

Business is our common language - Poster

Business is Our Common Language - 6 credits

Career Opportunities in Business

Business by the Numbers - 6 credits

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The Business of Social Responsibility

Computer Learning Community

Computer Learning Community - 9 credits

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Equity in the Business World

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Expression through Watercolor

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Mind your Business - 6 Credits

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People, Products, Services, and Brands: Successful Managing and Marketing - 6 Credits