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Library Instruction Classes

The BHCC Library & Learning Commons Librarians have developed a series of instruction interactions to help students to effectively use information resources.

The following is the American Association of Community Colleges Position Statement on Information Literacy:

The library's instruction program is structured to incorporate the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, to grow awareness, and to cultivate information literacy skills. Click here:

Library instruction is available in a variety of forms, including traditional instruction sessions in the library classroom, short drop-in presentations, hands-on workshops, one-on-one appointments, and research guides found through the library website. Our librarians can collaborate with faculty to custom-tailor library instruction to meet the needs of their classes.

The library offers several options for instruction for your classes: from basic library orientation to in-depth subject-focused level research skills and methods.

Please contact your library liaisons to set up a session or to collaborate on a project or guide customized for your classes.  Click here: Meet the Team

Library Classroom Sessions

Faculty are invited to bring their classes to the library classroom for traditional instruction sessions. These sessions will be tailored to specific class assignments, and can include hands-on time for students to use library resources.

Library sessions can cover topics such as how to search library databases, critically evaluate sources, or locate specialized types of information, including the Archives and Primary Source Special Collections.

To schedule a session, contact your library liaisons at Meet the Team


Collaborative Instruction: a librarian works with an instructor to develop a research assignment, then conducts hands-on sessions in which students are introduced to the best resources for completing the assignment and given time to work on their own topics

The Library's classroom is Room E319:

Short "In Your Classroom" Sessions

Faculty can ask a librarian to drop by their regular classroom to deliver 30-minute presentations on specific topics. These presentations are a great option if your students need targeted instruction on a single skill or type of resource-Films on Demand, for example.  Let us know how we can help.

Click here for the Library Databases

Click here for the Library Catalog


Special Collaborations

There are other ways that faculty can incorporate library instruction into courses. Ask a librarian for details and other possibilities.

Evening, Saturday and Sunday workshops: Your library liaison can help you to design a research workshop, even if delivery of instruction is to occur on a Saturday or Sunday.  Access is also available for students (and faculty) off-campus with your ID barcode and password.

Individual or group appointments: The instructor encourages students to make one-on-one or group appointments with a librarian, who helps them get started with finding information on their specific research topics.

Course Guides

Librarians can develop web-based Research Guides directing students to the best library and online resources for a particular research assignment. These guides help place resources in the context of the larger research process. Research Guides are also referred to as “LibGuides” and can either stand alone as instructional tools or reinforce and supplement the lessons of a library instruction session.

Click here:

These include guides on how to find specific types of sources, for example, how to distinguish primary sources or secondary sources, scholarly or popular sources; and how to evaluate websites, for example, credibility and reliability.

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Citing sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

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Library Instruction Request 

Faculty should contact your library liaison directly or send an email to the Library. Please remember the following:

  • Instruction sessions fill up quickly; please give a minimum 3 week notice.
  • The instructor is required to attend the session with his/her class.
  • Please provide the librarian with any relevant information: assignment, desired outcomes, etc.


Suggest Material for Purchase

The library has allocated funds to support faculty acquisitions requests. Use the form below to request books, DVDs, periodicals, or other library resources to support your teaching, research, or professional development.

Please click on the following Collection Suggestion link to make suggestions for our collection.  If you would prefer, you can also email us the suggestions at


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