Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Medical Assistant and a Patient Care Technician?

Can I register online?

When do the programs begin?

How long is the certificate training?

What hours will I be in school?

What is the cost of the certificate programs?

How many credits do I need to be eligible for a BHCC certificate?

How many hours is the specialty clinical internship?

How are students placed in internships?

Can I request a particular site?

Will I receive national certification in any of these programs?

Does the program provide job search assistance?

Can I do nurse aide/home health aide training as part of one of the certificate programs?

What does the nurse aide/home health aide training include?

Can I do this training in the evening?

How long is the CNA Practicum (internship)?

Can I choose where I go for the CNA Practicum?

Will I get a BHCC Certificate if I complete the classes that fulfill the Nurse Aide/Home Health Aide curriculum?