Beginning French 1

With over 275 million speakers spread over five continents, French is a truly global language. In addition to being a gateway to culture, philosophy, cinema, and travel, French is the official language of many international organizations, including the United Nations, the Red Cross, NATO, and the International Olympic Committee. French has wide-ranging career uses, whether in business, governmental affairs, social services, or the international humanitarian and development sectors. In Boston, which has a Haitian population of close to 13,000, French may allow you to interact with French-speaking Haitians in your community or work. Whether your motivation is personal or professional, every student of French will find something in the language that inspires them.

In this course, students will build the foundations of French language through speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The language will be taught in the context of French and Francophone cultures, giving students an exposure to the diversity of countries and regions where French is spoken around the world and the confidence to interact with French speakers in their future endeavors.

Target Audience

Students with little or no background in French. The target audience may include business professionals, tourists who plan on visiting France, students who are planning to study abroad in France, service providers who work with people who speak the French language, those pursuing careers in the international development or humanitarian sectors, or anyone interested in exploring French culture and language.

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