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Voices of Dialogue Conference

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Friday, October 26, 2018
9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. | BHCC Gymnasium
Presented by the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement and the Center for Equity and Cultural Wealth

Admission is FREE to all BHCC students and includes meals and refreshments.

This conference is designed to train students in the art of Intergroup Dialogue. Intergroup Dialogue is a model of communication designed to teach people how to communicate across differences that strives to create new levels of understanding. The goal of this work is to raise consciousness, build relationships, and strengthen individual and group capacity to promote social justice.

This conference will teach you how to:

  • Connect to your Truth
  • Develop Your Voice
  • Explore Differences
  • Communicate Across Cultures
  • Engage to Understand
  • Speak and Act from a Place of Authentic Power

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.


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About the Speakers

Amanda Bonilla and Alice Jones
Founders, The Inclusion Consultant Network

  • At Inclusion Consultant Network, we believe that people have the ability to connect across their differences in order to achieve goals, but the environment must exist in order for that to happen. Over the past three years we have been helping organizations of various sizes respond to the changing diversity of their constituents in order to develop effective group dynamics and problem solve. 
  • We bring a unique perspective to the work. We are inclusion consultants and not diversity consultants. Our expertise moves beyond diversity and into the next-level sustainable work in equity, dialogue, and cultural competence. 
  • Our hope is to move past the mindset of diverse numeric representation as the goal, and instead help  organizations recognize the benefits of inclusion and its impact on retaining diverse staff and clients. True inclusion can build an organizational climate where individuals give their best and work their hardest, which benefits all.
  • Our trainings allow participants to engage in extensive discussions through intentional group activities designed with your organization's needs in mind.  We aim to not only increase your groups knowledge and skills, but also demonstrate how stakeholders can apply what they have learned to foster sustainable change.

Amanda Bonilla

A native of Northwest Indiana, Amanda was the first in her family to attend college. As one of the few Latina's on her college campus, she quickly learned the values of community, empowerment and inclusion.  Amanda's passion for working with people began through her involvement and activism as a student leader and led her into a career in student affairs. Since 2009 Amanda has worked at institutions of higher education across the country, creating co-curricular learning opportunities to help students, staff, and faculty create more inclusive learning environments through self-discovery and dialogue. Rooted in community and service, Amanda is also very active in the central Indiana Latin@ community and works with organizations to prepare youth across the state of Indiana for college as well as creates leadership development opportunities for women of color. Amanda has participated in and facilitated several dialogues on college campuses for students and administrators.

She completed the Social Justice Training Institute in 2013 and served as a cluster facilitator for the LeaderShape Institute while at Clemson University. More recently she has led unconscious bias trainings for large companies and their employees.  Amanda's areas of expertise include student affairs, leadership development, social justice education, Latin@ identity development, employee onboarding, dialogue and cross cultural team building.

Alice Jones

Alice Jones attended the University of Dayton as an undergraduate student and  learned the value of service while being engaged in multiple service learning internships and programs around complex social issues. Alice spent several years in case management including serving in a homeless shelter, juvenile detention and as an educator for the child welfare system in Indiana. She completed a Master's degree in public relations with a concentration in sports communication.  Alice shifted from community-based work to working in higher education in 2012. Since that time, Alice worked in diversity, equity and inclusion doing programs for students and workshops for faculty and staff on the main campus and Medical School campus at Indiana University in Indianapolis.

Alice studied the intergroup dialogue model closely and believes strongly in the power of respectful dialogue and welcoming multiple viewpoints. Alice has given national conference presentations on topics including unconscious bias and inclusive hiring practices. She was an active supporter of multiple causes related to LGBT inclusion in Indiana prior to moving to Illinois.

Alice currently lives and works in Chicago at Roosevelt University in the Dean of Students office as the Title IX Officer.