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Reverse Transfer

Students who transfer from Bunker Hill Community College to a Massachusetts state university or UMASS campus who have not completed their associate degree may participate in Reverse Transfer. Through Reverse Transfer, students who made progress towards an associate degree prior to transferring may apply credit earned at a four-year institution back to their community college to complete the associate degree requirements. 

Learn more about reverse transfer and complete the Reverse Transfer Participation form and FERPA authorization.

Students who are NOT attending one of the Massachusetts State Universities or UMASS campuses may participate in Reverse Transfer.  Students must have an official transcript sent to the Academic Records Office from all colleges/universities attended since leaving BHCC and email the Transfer Services Office to discuss the Reverse Transfer guidelines and policy.  Send your request to transferservices@bhcc.edu and write “reverse transfer” in the subject line and make sure to include your BHCC student id number and your up to date contact information. The staff of the Transfer Office will conduct an audit of your academic record and will let you know via email if you are eligible to participate in reverse transfer to complete your associate degree.