Transfer Pathways from BHCC to UMass Boston

Many students from Bunker Hill Community College choose to complete their bachelor’s degree at UMass Boston, choosing from 80+ majors and minors. 

Some of the reasons students choose UMass Boston are:

  1. Transfer Friendly - 48% of all new students are transfer students
  2. Location - Minutes from downtown Boston on the Red Line
  3. Value - Committed to keeping a university education affordable and accessible UMass Boston

View information about the UMass Boston 2020 STEM Summer Transfer Academy


 Academic Pathways to UMass Boston

Special Advice for students planning to complete a Bachelor of Arts at UMass Boston:

Quantitative Reasoning: UMass Boston requires students to complete a quantitative reasoning requirement that can be met with Bunker Hill's MAT171 or MAT194. Alternatively, the quantitative reasoning requirement can be waived by transferring MAT181 (which will also count toward UMass Boston's general education math distribution requirement).

Elementary Language Proficiency: UMass Boston requires all students earning a Bachelor of Arts degree to demonstrate proficiency in a world language other than English. There are five ways to demonstrate proficiency :

  1. Completing at least three years of the same world language in high school (high school transcript required). 
  2. A score of 3 or higher on an AP exam or 50 or higher on a CLEP exam
  3. Completing at least one year of secondary or post-secondary education in a non-English speaking school or university
  4. Demonstrating proficiency to the appropriate language department (or Undergraduate Studies as appropriate)
  5. Transferring a college course which is equivalent to (or higher than) the second semester of an introductory world language course

Please note, if you cannot demonstrate language proficiency using methods 1 through 4, UMass Boston suggests that you complete two semesters of the same foreign language at Bunker Hill prior to transferring. Upon transfer, you will complete the proficiency requirement, and be able to count the course credits toward general education requirements.

 Transfer to UMass Boston in 7 Steps

  1. Meet with an advisor in LifeMap to discuss your academic goals and determine a major or pathway:
  2. Register and Attend a Transfer 101 Workshop in LifeMap.
  3. Create Transferology account and apply at least one course to a program of study at UMass Boston
  4. Set up an appointment with a UMass Boston Transfer Enrollment Counselor at BHCC
  5. Sign up for a UMass Boston Transfer Application Day at BHCC where you can get help filling out the application and have your essays and fees waived:
    • Submit a UMass Boston Application
    • How to submit the online application:
      • Sign up for our online application here
      • Complete the main sections of the online application
      • Do not complete the Essay- You can bypass this by hitting save
      • Do not complete the Letter of Reference fields- You can bypass this by hitting save
      • When on the submit page choose
        • Application Fee Waiver
        • Event Attendee
        • Code: BHCC
      • Submit the online application
      • ***the Letter of Reference and Essay cannot be waived for nursing applicants

      Transfer Application Deadlines

      Fall Semester (Domestic)

      June 15 

      Spring Semester

      December 15 

      Traditional Nursing Program

      Spring Start - November 1 
      Fall Start - March 1

      Transfer Application Requirements:
      • Official college transcripts from all institutions attended
      • 500-word essay (waived if apply during Transfer Day)
      • If you have completed less than 24 transferrable credits
        • Official high school transcript (or GED score report)
        • Official SAT or ACT score if you graduated from high school or received a GED within the last three years
      • Academic recommendation letter (from a school counselor and/or teacher) (waived if apply during Transfer Day)
      • $60 application fee (waived if apply during Transfer Day)
  6. Complete FAFSA and add UMass Boston to application. For more information on financial aid at UMB, see Cost and Aid for transfer students
  7. UMass Boston automatically will review for Transfer Credit if a student is admitted. For more information on applying your transfer credits to your degree at UMass Boston click here: