Terms and Conditions of Course Registration

By enrolling in classes at Bunker Hill Community College ("the College"), a student makes a financial commitment to pay the tuition and fee charges associated with that enrollment. The enrollment action constitutes a financial obligation between the student and the College and all proceeds of this agreement will be used for educational purposes and constitute an educational loan pursuant to 11 U.S.C. Section 523(a) (8). In submitting your course registrations, you consent to all policies and procedures of Bunker Hill Community College, including but not limited to: Student Financial Responsibility agreement, Credit Balance Authorization, Form 1098-T Electronic Delivery Consent, BHCC Communication and Authorization to Disclose Information.

Every student enrolled in classes at Bunker Hill Community College is responsible for making sure their enrollment costs are paid.

  • Never attending and not officially dropping your classes does not remove your obligation to pay for your classes.
    • You may not use financial aid to pay for any classes that you registered for but didn’t attend.
    • You will be liable to pay all charges for classes that are not attended and not officially dropped before the schedule adjustment (add/drop) deadline. Your financial aid award may be adjusted.
  • If you do not plan to remain enrolled in classes and do not drop before the add/drop deadline, it may have a negative impact on your financial aid or other student financial assistance programs.
  • If you officially drop your classes before the add/drop deadline, you will not be charged for those classes. This is true for all students, including those receiving financial aid and/or any type of sponsorship.
  • If you drop classes after the start of the term, you will be subject to the College’s Refund Policy.

For more information, please review the Refund Policy at bhcc.edu/studentcentral/studentpayment/refunds


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