Bunker Hill Community College

Bunker Hill Community College

Personal Information Changes

To update your contact information, address or phone number

  • Current students: Please use BHCC self-service to update your personal information.
  • Former students: Please complete the Change of Address Form and mail it to the Academic Records office along with proper Identification Documents:    

Academic Records Office
250 Rutherford Avenue Room B220
Boston, MA 02129

Note: If you are changing your state of residence, this may impact the tuition rate you are charged. If establishing Massachusetts residency, you will need to complete the Massachusetts In-state tuition eligibility form.

To change your legal name

Complete the Name or SSN Change form and mail to Academic Records or email academicservices@bhcc.edu from your BHCC email a certified copy of a court order indicating a legal name change has been granted along with an official photo ID. Examples of court orders include: a marriage license, divorce decree, and other court authorized legal name change documentation.

To provide or correct your Social Security number

Complete the Personal Information Change form and mail Academic Records Office or email academicservices@bhcc.edu from your BHCC email your Social Security Card.

To provide or correct your date of birth

Complete the Personal Information Change form and mail Academic Records office or email academicservices@bhcc.edu your birth certificate, or some other government issued ID, with your date of birth (e.g. Driver’s License, passport, permanent resident card, etc.).

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