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Bunker Hill Community College offers associate degrees and certificates in high-demand STEM fields. In addition to STEM academic programs, the college also celebrates STEM through programming and partnerships with local employers.

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STEM Clubs at BHCC


The STEM Club is a dynamic organization that encompasses a wide array of interests spanning Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and everything in between. Our collective meetings every Tuesday serve as a hub for diverse activities, while specialized subgroups convene separately to delve into side projects and experiments, fostering deeper exploration of individual interests. These subgroup sessions provide an avenue for members to connect on a more focused level beyond our weekly gatherings. During our Tuesday meetings, we unite as a community to engage in activities like connecting with industry professionals. Previous speakers have included the CEO of Nitsch Engineering, computational biologists, project managers, and more. Additionally, our club organizes off-campus field trips to explore STEM-related locations. Our weekly meetings include fun hands-on activities or anything we believe enriches the club experience. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment that encourages exploration and camaraderie. Join us in being part of this vibrant community! 
Collective Meeting Team: Weekly Tuesday 1 p.m. in Room D217 
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Computer Science Team 
Team Leads: Mouad, and Eraste,

The Computer Science Initiative constantly seeks to find solutions to community issues by developing intricate, engaging and innovative pieces of technology, from coding projects, to coding lessons for beginners and more. The Computer Science Initiative is currently working on a neural network system that will act as an assistant AI. We are looking for highly ambitious individuals to participate! Whether you have coding experience or not, everyone is welcome. 
Robotics Team 
Team Leads: Estrella, and Taylor, 
The robotics team is a dynamic group where members immerse themselves in the intricacies of robotics, blending theoretical learning with practical application. Central to the team's activities are the study of circuits and fundamental engineering principles, equipping members with the necessary knowledge to understand and create prototype robotic systems. During regular team meetings, members converge to exchange ideas, tackle challenges, and collaboratively advance their projects.

Electric Bike Team 
Team Leads: Yassen, and Marina,  

E-Bike is a subgroup in STEM club which aims to build an electric bicycle that utilizes pedaling to recharge the bicycle to extend battery life. The team utilizes concepts of electromagnetism, 3D printing, circuitry and mechanical analysis of the assembly of the recharging and motor systems of the bike. If you are interested in physics, electrical or mechanical engineering or are just curious and want to build something cool, please consider joining! 

Organization leads: Jessica, and Mouad,
STEM Buds is a dedicated organization committed to enhancing STEM education in our community. Recognizing the challenges faced by teachers and students, especially in the current demanding educational landscape, we aim to provide valuable assistance through our volunteer network. From elementary schools in the Boston Public School system to adult learning centers in Cambridge, we strive to make a positive impact on STEM learning at every level. Beyond education, STEM Buds fosters mentorship and friendship (the bud in buddy) between students and volunteers, offering a representation that may not have been previously accessible. We invite passionate individuals to join us in bridging the gap in STEM education and making a meaningful contribution to our community. Your dedication can make a difference—come be a part of STEM Buds! 

Biology Club

The Biology Club focuses on bringing advice and valuable information to students from experienced professionals in the field of biology and medicine. Members of the Biology Club learn valuable skills for internship preparedness while also participating in team building events such as visiting The Museum of Science and field trips to working labs. Aside from science, Biology Club meetings are a time to hang out with other like-minded students and make new friends. In the coming semesters the Biology Club plans to create subgroups for specific interests: Pre-med, Biology/Biotech, and the Chemistry group. Leaders of each group will coordinate with members of similar interests to develop projects to work on and activities involved with and outside of BHCC.  
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Learn and Earn STEM Partners

Amazon Robotics 
Boston Children’s Hospital  
Boston Housing Authority 
Broad Institute 
Dana-Farber Cancer Center 
Drop Genie 
Energy Sage 
Genetic Alliance 
Haley Aldrich 
Harvard and Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics  
I Can Persist STEM Initiative  
University of New Mexico 

Transfer into STEM 

Transfer Services will offer info sessions with several colleges focusing on STEM, including Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and Wentworth Institute of Technology. For details, visit the transfer website

In November 2023, BHCC and Umass Lowell established a dual admissions agreement to streamline the transfer process between the two institutions. As part of the admissions process at BHCC, students can opt-in to the UMass Lowell joint agreement and will simultaneously be admitted to UMass Lowell upon graduation from BHCC. Learn more.