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Tools and Resources for Using Student Learning Outcomes

Strong outcomes are the foundation for building College curriculum, co-curricular support services and programs, and managing teams and workgroups within the College. Here are some resources to help you design and use Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment for your work with activities such as curriculum development or redesign, designing assignments and student assessments within your courses or other structured learning experiences, program review for accreditation, program alignment to industry standards or employer needs, communicating program standards and expectations to transfer institutions, aligning department goals to College values and mission, coordinating work on major College initiatives, project planning across teams, drafting working descriptions and work plans for new hires, establishing expectations within work groups, strategic planning.

Bunker Hill Community College SLOAP: A set of resources developed over the years by the BHCC SLOAP team.  Many of these resources are a great place to start in developing your outcomes and becoming acquainted with assessment.

National Institute for Learning Outcomes and Assessment (NILO): NILO hosts an Outcomes Assessment library of publications which will be useful to those approaching outcomes and assessment from varied positions within the College, i.e. curriculum mapping, outcomes assessment for libraries, program level assessment and accreditation, assessment for student affairs offices, ect.  There clearinghouse of publications also contain articles and studies that will be useful to teams seeking to design or improve their approach to outcomes and outcomes assessment.


University of Toronto Teaching Support: A great starting point for teams building or assessing outcomes.  This site has straight-forward advice and guidelines for making effective syllabi, designing and redesigning curriculum, and drafting outcomes.


Advancing Massachusetts Culture of Outcomes Assessment (AMCOA): Resources from area Massachusetts Colleges.  BHCC sponsors interested faculty to attend AMCOA meetings. https://www.mass.edu/strategic/learn_amcoaconferences.asp

Wabash National Study: An ongoing longitudinal study of learning outcomes of Liberal Studies from 49 colleges and universities.