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Single Stop

Connecting students to State, local, Federal and community benefits

Single Stop USA

 Brief History

The Single Stop program began in the basement of a church in a poor neighborhood in West Philadelphia and found its way to New York City in 1990. In 2002, the concept was brought to the Robin Hood Foundation, an anti-poverty charity operating in New York City, which proceeded to create Single Stop sites through partnerships with community-based organizations. Single Stop is a one-stop offering support to students in meeting their basic needs.

Single Stop Mission

Single Stop is a one-stop resource center offering students holistic advising grounded in equity, respect and trust focused on providing basic needs assistance. Through inclusive coordinated access to local, state, federal, and community-based organizations, Single Stop strives to build economic mobility needed to increase student retention and graduation.

Statement to our Students

  • We are committed to helping you be successful. We understand that at times you may be facing financial difficulties and we want to help. You are not alone.
  • If you are having trouble affording basic needs, please let us know. We are fortunate to be working with several groups that may be able to help you.

Practicing Equity:

Increasing retention, graduation and transfer by providing basic needs to level the playing field for community college students

 Community College Credit Building Initiative

Save Money – Prioritize Spending – Build Credit

Do you want to gain financial knowledge and feel more confident and financially secure? BHCC has been partnering with the Community College Credit Building Initiative (CCCBI) to provide you with a financial wellness program. The financial webinars and one-on-one financial coaching could help you as you work toward achieving your financial goals.

Get started today, schedule a financial coaching session, to join the upcoming webinars, visit https://linktr.ee/CCCBICredit

  • Or call/text: (857) 202-1199.
  • Questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.

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