Meet the candidates for Student Government and Student Trustee for 2023-2024

Candidates for BHCC Student Trustee

Diego Aristides Garay

Diego Aristaides Garay Student TrusteeHello everyone, my name is Diego Garay, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Student Trustee in the Student Government Association! As a first-generation college student, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that many of us face in our educational journey. I am committed to improving the student experience at BHCC and making a positive impact on our campus community. I believe that the Student Government plays a vital role in shaping student life at BHCC. It is the bridge that connects students, faculty, and administration, ensuring that our voices are heard and our needs are met. Student Government should actively promote a culture of inclusiveness, engagement, and collaboration, empowering students to create the best possible educational experience. As a candidate for Student Trustee, I am running for office because I am passionate about making a difference at BHCC. I have seen firsthand the challenges that we face as students, and I want to be a part of the solution. Through my involvement in various campus organizations and activities, I have developed strong leadership skills and a deep understanding of the needs of our diverse student body.

            If elected, I promise to advocate for the needs and concerns of all students, ensuring that everyone has a voice in the decision-making process. I will also work to strengthen communication between students, faculty, and administration, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose. In addition, I will support initiatives and programs that promote academic success, mental health, and overall well-being of our students. Furthermore, I will encourage and facilitate student involvement in campus activities, clubs, and organizations, enriching the student experience at BHCC. Lastly, I will champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, creating a campus environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and valued. I am committed to representing the best interests of our students and ensuring that our voices are heard at the highest level of decision-making at BHCC. I am running for Student Trustee because I believe in the potential of BHCC and its students. I am committed to working tirelessly to address the challenges we face and seize the opportunities that lie ahead. My goal is to create a supportive and enriching environment where every student, including first-generation students like myself, can thrive and achieve their full potential.

Justin Munos

Justin Munoz. Candidate for Student TrusteeHello everyone, I intend to run for the Student Trustee position for Bunker Hill Community College. As Student Trustee, I will utilize my previous experience in Student Government Association firstly as Senator at large 2020-2021, and secondly as Student Government Association President 2022-2023 to actively represent Bunker Hill Community College at the state level. Advocating for rights of students, financial assistance, and engage with the Student Advisory Council on basic needs for students. I intend to focus on advocating for first generation college students, low-income students, and students from gateway communities who are underrepresented to push for reform that supports financial literacy for students so students can learn to budget, and money manage, as well as understand how the American system of credit works, this is an initiative that I believe working with the student advisory council I can push for more funding for resources such as Single Stop. I also plan to work with admin on providing more support for Latinx students and first-generation students. As well as represent our BHCC Chelsea Campus, as I push for helping the college at large I hold closely to my heart matters pertaining to Chelsea because I am originally from Chelsea. I believe in the ideology of one campus when it pertains to Charlestown and Chelsea Campus.

            I intend to be a consultant to SGA for matters of providing advice, navigating strategic planning for events, as well report to the SGA about the Board of Trustee’s meetings, advocacy at the state level, opportunities, and helping SGA engage with their professional development. I believe that SGA should be aware of what is going on at the state level and so I will be working closely with the SGA to work on advocacy plans to present at the Student Advisory Council. I also plan to help the SGA President with managing their tasks and providing advise overall.

            My run for Trustee is not for personal gain but because I have strong passion for the student body and as a leader, a person whose ideals are valued as humanitarian, compassionate, optimistic, and caring of everyone. As well as I am a person who lends a handout to anyone and will help you move forward as well as provide guidance and help students overcome challenges. 

            I plan to work closely with BHCC President Pam Eddinger on ways to best support students as well as obtain money for the college at large. I plan to spokesperson for students. I will work closely with the SGA President on professional development for students. I believe that students are the next generation of the workforce, we are all capable of making changes in our communities and teach society to move progressively. Not only as a leader we face challenges, but we learn about ourselves, it becomes a part of our identity, and we are not born leaders only through experience do we obtain the professional development acquired to overcome anything. I believe in neuro plasticity and that our challenges and weaknesses can become our greatest strengths.

            Hence, I plan to engage with the student body in a way that reassuring that I hear the needs of students, as a student who is low income and first generation latino I can sympathize that we all go through many challenges, but as a collective I plan to not only work at the state level but utilize the connections I have obtained as the SGA President of 2022-2023 to work with admin to uplift our members of the community and provide appreciation for faculty and staff and students of all nature.

I hope everyone of you who read this letter see’s my commitment and care for the student body as I pour my heart in this and say that I will engage with BHCC community and advocate for diversity, inclusivity, financial assistance, professional development, opportunities, and install a level of confidence in everyone that I will come through with my promise and help evolve our system. We are all a part of a system in higher education, but we cannot just identify what the issues are we need to strategize to evolve our system and prepare students to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you and please consider my run for Student Trustee.

Lang Qian

Lang Qian. Candidate for Student TrusteeHello, fellow students!

My name is Lang Qian , I am excited to be running for the position of student trustee in the Student Government Association as a second year student.

As a dedicated and engaged member of BHCC community, I believe that I am well-suited to serve as your representative on the Board of Trustees.

I have joined the sports club of our school for volleyball and basketball for training and last semester my GPA is 3.3. I want to join the Student Government Association to work, to serve the students as responsibility. I am eager for working for the students and school, because school has provided us a lot. It is good thing for me to return school.

In my opinion, the Student Government Association should play a crucial role in enhancing student life at our college. This includes advocating for duties and initiatives that promote student success and well-being, as well as creating a vibrant and inclusive campus culture.  As a student trustee, I would work tirelessly to ensure that the voices and concerns of our student body are heard and acted upon by the administration and board and contact with students.

I am running for office because I am deeply committed to making a positive impact on our college community. If elected, I hope to contribute by working collaboratively with my fellow SGA members, as well as with other student organizations and campus leaders.

I believe that my leadership experience, strong communication skills, and passion for social justice and equity will enable me to be an effective and proactive trustee who can bring about meaningful change. I am excited about the opportunity to serve as your student trustee and I would be honored to have your support in this election. Thank you for your consideration!

Fedor Vasilev

Fedor Vasilev. Candidate for BHCC Student TrusteeI am a second semester international student from Moscow, Russia. My major is computer science.

I am writing this statement to indicate that I am a perfect fit for the Student Trustee position.

The ambition to run for this exact position came to me right when I read the posted description. Since I work on Campus at the Advising & LifeMap, I feel a deep connection with the community, which is why I believe that I should be addressing problems of our students on the official level. Listen to their feedback, bring their issues to the attention of the administration, and work to find solutions that benefit everyone.

As a trustee I know I will be serving on various committees. I want to utilize my position to provide a student perspective on these committees and help make informed decisions.

I am already familiar with the workforce, so I know how important it is for students to have employment opportunities. Which is why I believe it is important for our establishment to build community partnerships: Work with other community organizations to build partnerships that can benefit both the college and the local community. This can include internships, job fairs, or other events that bring the community onto campus.

I have excellent communication and etiquette skills since I recently graduated from a modeling agency called Barbizon. I would like to bring and implement new ideas for the good of our community. Supporting diversity and inclusion: Use my position to advocate for and support diversity and inclusion initiatives at our college. Work to ensure that all students feel welcome and represented on campus. Promoting student engagement: Encourage students to get involved in campus activities and events. This can help build a stronger sense of community on campus and improve the overall student experience.

I believe that Student Government lacks a very important role. Transportation Coordinator: The Transportation Coordinator would be responsible for promoting and improving transportation options for students, especially those who do not have access to a car. This role could involve working with local public transportation providers, car-sharing services, and bike-sharing programs to provide more affordable and accessible transportation options for students.

Candidates for SGA President

Javkhlan "J" Batsaikhan

Javkhlan J Batsiakhan SGA President headshotTLDR: My name is Javkhlan Batsaikhan (“Jay”) and I’m running for BHCC Student Government Association President. I’m an international student from Mongolia pursuing a psychology degree. While working at the DISH food pantry, I’ve learned that many of you want a more proactive Student Government Association that represents all students and departments, listens closely to your needs, develops solutions collaboratively, finds ways to get students involved, and communicates frequently and openly. Some of the ideas I would like the SGA to explore during the 2023-24 academic year include offering new student orientation, introducing affordable, healthy eating options, facilitating volunteering opportunities, expanding financial aid, and helping each other succeed. If that sounds good to you, please vote for me. Want to learn more? Read the details below. Thank you for your consideration!

Dear fellow students,

 My name is Javkhlan Batsaikhan, but many of you know me as Jay. I’m an international student pursuing a degree in psychology. Born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, I am passionate about helping people discover their full potential by unlocking what the world offers. Since I enrolled at BHCC and started working at the DISH food pantry, I have learned a lot from many of you about not only your goals and achievements, but also your struggles. This inspired me to run for President of the BHCC Student Government Association.

I am committed to leading the SGA to address the concerns that matter to the entire BHCC community – students, staff, and faculty. I have learned that you want a more proactive Student Government Association that represents the voices of all BHCC students and departments, listens closely to your needs and suggestions, develops solutions collaboratively to address the issues we face, finds ways to get more students involved to make positive changes happen, and communicates frequently and openly so that you know what the SGA is doing to benefit all BHCC students. Some of the ideas you have told me the SGA should address include:

  1. Offer new student orientation. Explore creating an effective orientation plan for new students before classes begin, especially since more than 65% of us are either first-generation or international college students and would greatly benefit from guidance prior to beginning classes. As your SGA President, I will assemble a student team to work closely with the administration to explore developing an orientation program that helps new students adjust to college life and become familiar with the campus and its resources. This could include mapping department locations, conducting orientation workshops, improving peer mentoring programs, and introducing new students to the many services available to them, such as the library, tutoring, the DISH food pantry, the well-being center, and police department, and other activities that help new students feel more connected to the BHCC community.
  2. Introduce affordable, healthy food options. Another important concern I have heard from you is the lack of healthy food options available throughout the school day. Like many other students, I try hard to eat healthy foods, understanding the importance of nutritious, balanced meals to fuel our bodies and minds. In fact, I led a petition during the fall semester to bring Farmer’s Fridge vending machines to campus so that fresh, healthy meals would be available to students and faculty anytime we needed them. While more than 400 of you signed the petition, we have not yet received official word from the school that healthy food options are coming. As your President, I will work with students, the SGA, and the school’s board, faculty, staff, and cafeteria members to introduce more healthy and affordable food options, as well as find ways to extend the hours of food availability to better accommodate our diverse schedules.
  3. Facilitate volunteering opportunities. Many of us want to give back to the greater community, and thus would like greater visibility into volunteering opportunities. Volunteering is not only good for society but also can help students develop valued skills and experiences, leading to potential job opportunities. Given that BHCC is the largest community college in the Boston area, we should be able to collectively have a huge positive impact. As President, I will work with the SGA to build relationships with local organizations that establish volunteer opportunities that align with our student’s interests and schedules. We will also work with the administration to ensure that volunteering activities are recognized and counted toward students’ community service hours.
  4. Expand financial aid access. Another significant issue that I have heard from you is about the limited financial aid resources available. As an international student who understands the value of diversity and inclusivity, I believe that we need to do more to support the financial needs of everyone in the student community. As your President, I will lead efforts to improve financial aid access to all students, including building relationships with third-party organizations providing grants and scholarships, as well as finding ways to help students understand and access financial aid opportunities. By helping to alleviate the financial burdens that students face, we can improve academic success rates considerably.
  5. Help each other succeed. Everyone I’ve met at BHCC, whether they are students, professors, or staff members, share the common desire to be successful. There are many opportunities for us to work together to support each other’s successes, and in doing so, contribute to the broader success of the BHCC community. This is a mindset that I bring as your Student Government Association President. As students, we need to read our syllabi to understand course expectations, get our homework in on time, attend classes, and communicate with our professors to get the most out of our education. However, professors and staff can also help us succeed, by understanding that students are seeking a quality education, equal opportunities, and fair grades. In addition, as many of us are first-generation, minority, or international students, we may require extra support and guidance to meet our goals. By working together, we can create an environment that promotes academic excellence and fosters personal growth for all members of the community.

In conclusion, I’m running for President of the Student Government Association because I am passionate about building a stronger BHCC community. I am confident that by working together we can make positive changes that will benefit the entire BHCC community. I hope I have the opportunity to serve as your next SGA President. Thank you for your consideration!

Maureen Glynn

Maureen Glynn. Candidate for SGA PresidentIt would be an honor and a privilege to serve you as S.G.A. president. I have been involved with S.G.A. Which is your student government and among the things I advocated for were an equal shot for students with disabilities, fairness in distributing book funding and honoring a slain student with a scholarship.

I have been a student leader at Bunker Hill through running the art and design club and in that role I learned so much about Bunker Hill.

There is a lot that is great about our college such as flexible classes, free tutoring for English Composition and math and the sciences. There are services at the college such an initiative called HOPE which supports the success of Black and Latino males. There are services if you are first in your family to go to college such as TRIO.

While there are great programs and dedicated professionals at Bunker Hill, there are changes that would make it improve conditions and learning experience at the college.

As your President I would

  1. Seek the voices of students to come forward. I would like to hear from disabled students about how new building and current building can serve them better beyond the legal minimum. I would seek out the voices of single moms at our college and ask them what would make a better learning experience for them at our school. As S.G.A. President I would want to know from our organizations on campus such as Veterans Services, the International Center, Hope Initiative and other initiatives about what is going great and what can improve at the college.
  2. As your SGA President I will listen to the team of SGA about what is working at the Charlestown Campus and the Chelsea Campus
  3. While serving on Student Government in previous years such initiatives as a student podcast and Hackathon were created and the Hackathon has had staying power. As we continue the tradition of a campus Hackathon I am hopeful we SGA can get assistance to bring a corporate sponsor to the event so that the students can gain more opportunity.
  4. Each year SGA is given funding from the college for events and also for textbooks.If elected I am hopeful to work with the SGA team and our school administrators to find more funding sources for textbooks.
  5. Build partnerships with the greater community for student success such as asking local businesses to match the funding for textbook vouchers that the student budget now uses.

I look forward to serving and listening to you as your BHCC SGA President. Please look for an email with your ballot and thank you for participating in this election.

Jasmine Rigueur

Jasmine Rigueur. Candidate for SGA PresidentHi my name is Jasmine Rigueur. I would like to run for SGA President. As a student who is actively involved in school activities and has a strong passion for leadership, I believe that I am the ideal candidate for the position of student council president. Over the years, I have demonstrated my commitment to the school community by participating in various extracurricular activities as SGA Secretary and BHCC Volleyball Captain, volunteering for community service(healing students with schedule and directing while working pathways eventsIf elected as the student council president, I will strive to create a student-friendly environment that fosters inclusivity, diversity, and equity. I will work closely with my fellow council members, the school administration, and the student body to ensure that every student's voice is heard, and their needs are catered to. I believe that a successful school community is one that values and respects the opinions and perspectives of all its members.

One of my primary goals as the student council president will be to increase student engagement and participation in school activities. I understand that many students feel disengaged from school activities, and this can have a negative impact on their academic performance and overall experience. To address this issue, I will work with the council to come up with innovative ideas and initiatives that will encourage students to participate in school events, clubs, and organizations.

Another area that I am passionate about is mental health and well-being. As a student, I have witnessed firsthand the impact that stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues can have on students. If elected, I will prioritize the implementation of mental health resources and support systems for students. This will include partnering with mental health professionals, organizing workshops and seminars, and creating safe spaces where students can talk about their mental health concerns without fear of judgment.

In addition to mental health, I am also committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among students. I believe that a healthy mind and body go hand in hand, and I will work to introduce initiatives that promote healthy eating, physical activity, and overall wellness. This will include working with the school administration to provide healthy food options, creating fitness clubs and teams, and organizing health and wellness events.

Furthermore, I am dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the school community. I believe that every student deserves to feel valued and respected, regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background. If elected, I will work with the council to create a safe and inclusive environment where every student feels welcome and appreciated.

Finally, I am confident that my previous leadership experience and my ability to work collaboratively with others make me the ideal candidate for the student council president position. I have previously held leadership roles in various student organizations, and I have developed strong communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills that will enable me to effectively represent the student body.

In conclusion, I believe that I am the ideal candidate for the student council president position because of my passion for leadership, commitment to promoting mental health and well-being, dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion, and my ability to work collaboratively with others. I am confident that if elected, I will work tirelessly to create a school community that fosters inclusivity, equity, and respect for all its members.


Candidates for SGA Vice President of Administration

Yuki Imamura

Yuki Imamura VP of AdministrationI am an international student from Japan and this is my second semester at Bunker Hill Community College. My major is Physics.

I have had a wonderful time at Bunker Hill College since I started here. I decided to run for SGA Vice President of Administration because I love the BHCC community and want to be actively involved in the operations of the college.

I have been a member of SGA for the past two months.

SGA members meet once a month to make direct recommendations to the school’s committee on what needs to be done to improve student life at Bunker Hill Community College. Therefore, SGA members must have a good understanding of student life and students at Bunker Hill Community College.

I have been fortunate that many people have helped me since I entered the school. Through school events and community, I have been able to have a fulfilling student life.

For these reasons, I will advocate for and continue to work to make Bunker Hill Community College even better. In particular, I will work hard to make BHCC a more comfortable community for students who have jobs, raise children, or are otherwise unable to focus solely on their studies. I will also strive to bring students and the college closer together so that more students can learn about the activities of the college and their rights, and so that they can contribute directly to making Bunker Hill a better college. Let’s work together. Please vote for me, Yuki Imamura, to make Bunker Hill Community College a college that all students will be proud to be a part of.

Eraste Talla Ngoualadjo

Vice President of Human Resources: Eraste Talla NgoualadjoOur college, Bunker Hill Community College, is ranked among the best community colleges in Massachusetts. And behind that strong edifice is a great and diverse culture, and mainly smart, and talented students. For all those reasons, it is more than an honor for me to announce my candidacy for one of the representatives of such a big and diverse community.

My name is Eraste Talla, and even though it might not sound familiar at first glance, meeting me should refresh memories and remind people of the simple, bolt, intellectual, diplomatic, outgoing, and friendly guy they probably already met in class, saw in one of BHCC’s corridors, or at Life Map and Advising Office where I currently work as a Peer Navigator Advisor. I am from Cameroon and right after I moved last Summer to the United States, I joined the big family at BHCC. And you are reading these statements because I am running for the position of SGA (Student Government Association) Vice President of Administration. Since I joined this large community, I saw myself exponentially grow which has led me to pursue this position.

Student Government Association is an organization for you, for us students to be advocates and serve as an intermediary between the students and the school administration. But more than being partisans of the student body, it is a pathway through which the students can partake in and enjoy the full college experience. It is one way by which the students’ voices can be heard, and their problems taken into count. The link between all the clubs and activities on campus and virtually.

Furthermore, as a student at BHCC, I have firsthand knowledge of the issues we face, and I want to run for this office to be the voice through which the student body can communicate their needs and concerns in the hopes that they will be addressed and resolved. I want my leadership and analytic abilities, as well as my pragmatic and affable personality, to serve a meaningful and vital cause. To be if elected, more than the president’s shadow; and so, administer SGA and ensure that the members you chose are carrying out their duties. To oversight processes involving budget and finance for the organization, which are to support the different projects and activities of BHCC’s clubs and organizations. Be a good administrator of the school’s club finances and so create bigger and more evolving activities on campus.

I was part of SGA as a volunteer this spring semester, sharing my thoughts and ideas for the good of the college. So, even if I am not elected to this position, I will continue to share my thoughts to make our college the greatest in the beautiful state of Massachusetts.

Thank you for taking the time to read these statements, I hope you will choose me to be your challenger, your push to greatness, your advocate, and your voice.

Candidate for Vice President of Communication

Mohammed "Yassen" Noureldaiem Eltayeb

I am running for the vice president of communications position. I believe that SGA has the capacity to solve problems at a large scale for all bunker hill students. I already am an officer at the SGA and I remained convinced that SGA can impact student life positively . As an officer, I learned that to solve recurring problems we have to focus on the system rather than the symptom. From the meetings I have attended, I have witnessed an eclectic group of people who vary in perspective but are similar in intention. SGA attracts a passionate group of people who want to find solutions to the problems around them, handling them in a very personal way and truly engaging with the students around them. I want to continue to be apart of this group of students that wish to bring about positive and meaningful change on campus. I wish to focus my efforts will be on how to communicate with my fellow students about the resources here at bunker hill, and enhance the quality of social life here on campus, as these are the problems I have seen emerge firsthand. Since communication is the medium in which information is transferred from one person to another solving that problem will not only help people byt also enable us to solve other problems by revealing what’s missing.

Many people don’t know how to get the information they want. I want to create robust communication channels and update the website so people can access information more readily and easily. People come here lost, student is central and life map can only do so much, and I think as the SGA we can figure out ways to innovate the website and the other digital interfaces such as Moodle to be more intuitive for students.

Secondly, I would like to build BHCC back up in terms of the social scene. People crave social interaction, especially after going through COVID, which is still ongoing. This is evident to me every time I’m in student central, with people struggling to make friends as they only have their classes and nothing else. There isn’t any event that can facilitate the opportunity to create a connection with a person. I want to do this by creating more events that bring people together and in particular bring those students who are remote more of a reason to be on campus and become a part of the community.

There are many obstacles that BHCC students face. I want to help create structures that can help alleviate that. Whether it be transportation or students who work and study, I want to help people as much as I can so they can find their personal success. That is what I hope to do if I’m a part of SGA.

Candidate for Vice President of Academic Affairs

Aurore Lonyome

Aurore Lonyome. Candidate for SGA VP of Academic Affairs 2023 Election

My name is Aurore Lonyome. I am running for the SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs. The role SGA should have in student life is to be the voice of students to the college administration. Students must look at the SGA and see a representation of themselves. Not only that but the SGA must be able to encourage and fund clubs and school organizations. When I think of the SGA I think of it as an open space to discuss student ideas and opinions. Furthermore, I think of it as an activist for students and that is the role, I believe SGA should have in student life. The reason behind me running for office is that I want to be part of the advocacy for students. I want to be able to present their concerns and I know I can do that if given the opportunity. What I hope to contribute to the SGA is my leadership skills and expertise in that field. I am well versed in leadership. I am currently the vice president of the multicultural club and with that I have an experience with students of various backgrounds. I have also gained an understanding of their concerns. Moreover, I am also the public relations officer of the PTK honor society. I recently completed a student development leadership program at BHCC and I believe that has really propelled me in the understanding of how leadership works. Apart from my expertise in leadership, I am also well equipped in dealing with the administration. I was part of the Junior Council of Namibia. There I dealt with the mayor and had some meetings with him alone side other members to find ways in which more youth could be in the parliament. In 2021, I spent that year advocating for the girl child in Namibia to get sanitary towels in order to stay in school. I along with others were able to make that happen for over 60 girls. I have great advocacy skills and communication skills and I do believe I can represent the students and their concerns very well. I am certain that I will be a great and valuable member of the SGA.

Candidates for Vice President of Student Affairs

Jessica Schneider

Jessica Schneider. Candidate for SGA VP of Student AffairsMy name is Jessica Schneider, but you may better know me as the STEM club president, a classmate, or a friend. I am writing to you all to announce that I am running for the Student Government Association position of Vice President of Student Affairs for the academic year of 2023-2024. I have learned a lot over my first year at Bunker Hill community college. One of the many things I have taken away from that experience is that student life engagement and connections with friends bring a fuller experience to college. Sadly, through the Covid-19 pandemic, our campus lost many student organizations, activities, events, and general aspects of student life.

Being one of the first groups of students to attend once in-person classes resumed, I realized that the previous generation of clubs and activities were no longer active. From that moment forward it became one of my missions to bring people together to build each other up, make friends, and life-long connections. I chose the STEM club as something to bring back and over 75 of the lovely student body joined us in that mission for exploration, ingenuity, and connection. By running a club on campus, creating the behavioral science club, being a team member on the NASA MINDS project, and working as an adjunct and volunteer at SGA I have learned the struggle that both sides experience while collaborating to build effective working relationships. I wish to alleviate that stress and make your student government work for initiatives, clubs, and organizations on campus. I want to achieve this by bringing back club president and SGA meetings where we can hear directly from club leadership and members on what you need or desire to accomplish instead of the SGA being hidden in the shadows. Clubs, events, and organizations can be the breath of a college community so I believe that SGA should be there to represent and build up our school community.

I truly believe that I could be a good addition to our student government body as the VicePresident of Student Affairs because I learned through trial and error what works and what doesn’t and I am ready to try even more ways to help the student body. I have been through planning events, collaborating with others, and being a part of our community, and know that it can be hard to navigate. I am always an open door and want to be the person that you feel open to tell me all your dreams for the campus community that you want to build. I want those dreams to become a reality so that your student life can aid your academic feats into the future. Student affairs are not just clubs but building opportunities to grow in whatever career and academic study you desire to achieve. I want to bring opportunities to this campus through events, and programs like I have learned to do through STEM club. I want to relay this to the larger community and be your representative in SGA. The strong online community at Bunker Hill Community College should not be ignored when it comes to SGA but something celebrated and should have the chance to enjoy student activities. In short, I want to make the connection from SGA to the student body more seamless, bring student life more alive than ever, and bring new opportunities for all here at Bunker Hill Community College.

I really hope that you all will consider my campaign to be your SGA Vice President of Student Affairs.

Yeojin Yoo

Yeojin Yoo. candidate for SGA VP of Student AffairsHello, I’m Yeojin Yoo who would like to run for SGA Vice President of Student Affairs. I believe the Student Government Association is not just a representative of the students, but an institution for the students created by the students. I think it is an essential organization because SGA plays a role in connecting students and college, and students to students. Hence, SGA supports programs, policies, and rights for students. Collecting students’ opinions is also an important function of SGA.

In my first year at BHCC, I ran for Senator-at-Large, who could represent students’ voices. Since winning the election, I learned how to foster synergy by bringing together others with the same goal. I was able to grow from one who receives help to one who gives it. After becoming an SGA member, I learned how to see other students' difficulties and discuss with people who have different perspectives to find a better way to resolve this issue. Using my experience as an SGA Senator-at-Large, I can empathize with students without turning a blind eye to their difficulties. Also, I know how to make promotional materials such as posters and leaflets for SGA events using graphic programs. I can contribute to the planning and supporting part by utilizing my experiences in planning the youth festival and historical festivals such skills as budgeting, contacting, communicating with outsiders, and creating engaging materials. I made some posters such as a student debate competition and helped to make a promotional paper for BHCC as a senator at large. In addition, I have social media experience with making images, so I think I can contribute to virtual engagement. I am a multilingual person so for students who do not use English as their first language, I could empathize with difficulties and help communication. Finally, as one of the students and team members, I can act with an objective and cooperative attitude. Plus, I enjoy meeting new people.

Being a part of SGA changed me a lot. I could communicate with more students and faculty members and could participate in more school programs. Thus, I look forward to the possibility of becoming SGA Vice President of Student Affairs.

Candidate for SGA Executive Secretary

Sophia Garcia

Sophia Garcia. Candidate for SGA Executive SecretarySGA should be making every effort to help Bunker Hill students succeed while they are here. College is difficult, whether it be a four-year institution or community college. It is quintessential for students to be seen and heard in order to succeed here. SGA, in conjunction with actively checking in on the student body and relaying their needs to college administration, should be advocating for legislative and systemic changes that relieve the workload of students. Many students within this institution work, support their families, have dependents, and in general have other more pressing needs outside the college. Given how the current workforce demands a degree in order for people to be considered for a job, it is incredibly important to find ways for our students to walk the stage in a timely and fiscally responsible manner. Our students deserve to live in financial comfort. They deserve the opportunity to build generational wealth. They deserve to get multiple degrees if they would like. They deserve the freedom that this nation promises comes with pursuing higher education. That can only happen if students, their livelihoods, and their struggles are seen and validated. Every student that attends this institution is, without a doubt, capable, inspiring, and bound to succeed. All anyone ever needs is some support and someone to place their bets on them. Our students are no different. l bet on every single one of these students every chance I get. SGA should be doing the same. Talent, innovation, and success are here living within the walls of the campus. They find themselves in the hearts of students, in the practices of staff members and the work of professors. SGA, if honest in their promises to help the student body, needs to nurture this truth.

I am running for office because students deserve people who fully place their bets on them. Like many of these students, I work full-time and also study full-time. This provides me with insight on the struggles many students face when juggling so many things at once: having to make decisions on what to prioritize, struggling with burnout, exhaustion, dealing with stress, etc. In addition, I have studied at a four-year institution before coming to Bunker Hill. My story is very similar to the stories of many of our students. Their stories deserve to be told and heard. They deserve support that makes their time spent in higher education easier. While in office, I hope to find ways to better promote the resources BHCC has to offer. I have found that while BHCC has great resources for students, many times students do not know about them. Take the Food Pantry for example, there are students who do not know what or where it is. Food is so expensive these days! More students should be informed about it so they can capitalize off this resource. I also think a large barrier many students face is the financial portion of being in school. It makes me wonder if every month or at the start of every semester it would benefit students to have emailed to them a comprehensive list of upcoming scholarships they could sign up for. It can be in their inbox and posted on signs around the campus with a QR code attached, in case students do not see the email in their inbox. Many people do not know where to start looking when it comes to scholarships and it would be beneficial to students if SGA helped them out with that. For students who are struggling with their mental health, finding ways they can connect with therapists. There are only so many school counselors on campus and not every student is either on campus or knows about these counselors. Finding a therapist is hard and where to start is so confusing. Online websites and clinics across Boston that students can visit can be posted around campus for people to see. I think it would also be beneficial if SGA, as a whole, worked with professors on finding ways to get students to show up to class and pass in more assignments as I know that is a struggle for professors. Lastly, I also think to increase student engagement and school pride, maybe every so often a hand-full of students can be spotlighted and celebrated for the work they do in and out of school. A small gesture like this can just make school a little tolerable to be in, which is what everyone here deserves. If voted in office I hope to promote the promises SGA makes to the student body and work to make sure students here feel supported, seen and heard.

Candidates for SGA Senator at Large

Tyler J. Brenard

Tyler Brenard. Candidate for SGA Senator at LargeMy name is Tyler Brenard and I am running for SGA Senator at Large. 

Firstly, I believe the Student Government’s role in student life is gathering feedback and understanding the voice of the student body. Whether that comes in the form of a student's aspirations or their problems. Being able to properly understand the wide array of the student body’s experiences is critical. 

This is because the second key component of SGA’s role in student life is communicating and advocating for the interests of Students to the College administration and faculty. Being a part of Student Government means greater access to college staff, professors and committees. Therefore providing a conduit for the Student body’s voice is critical.

Thirdly, I believe that the Student Government should be working to improve the student experience wherever possible. That can come in a variety of events and projects we can execute on. For instance this past year at SGA we have organized and sponsored a number of events. We also have invested a lot of time in delivering more long-term projects that leave a long term legacy of change at the school. 

I am running for office because I hope to continue to contribute to and build on the progress of and working on a handful of exciting long-term projects next year. This includes the Bull dog Stories project which we hope to launch Fall semester 2023. There are a number of initiatives I am working on behind the scenes that include improving inter-College communication, creating a student-run business to fundraise for scholarships from the profits for our students, and other exciting opportunities to improve student life, welfare and success at Bunker Hill. 

As I said before during my last application to serve in the SGA, but, I want to emphasize again. I  see the amazing positive impact BHCC has on student’s lives by providing an accessible high quality education. At our school it feels like everyone is given the opportunity to strive towards their innate potential and that is special. As a member of SGA I want to support everyone in achieving their goals at BHCC.

Thank you for your consideration! ~ Tyler

Yuran "Ivonne" Wang

Yuran Ivonne Wang. Candidate for SGA Senator at LargeI am a Computer Science major and I am running for the SGA Senator at Large this year. I am writing to share my vision for the SGA and explain why I am the best candidate for this important role.

One of my greatest strengths is my passion for helping others succeed. As a SGA Senator, I am committed to empowering and supporting our student leaders. I believe that the SGA plays a critical role in promoting student success, and I want to help ensure that it continues to do so by providing a voice for all BHCC students.

I am proud to bring a wealth of leadership and technical experience to the position of SGA Senator at Large. My extensive involvement in diverse extracurricular activities and programs, including: Break Through Tech AI @ MIT, Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference, Hackathon, the Society of Women Engineers, STEM Club, and the Commonwealth Honors Program, has honed my skills in teamwork, innovation, and effective decision-making. With this expertise, I am confident in my ability to work closely with our SGA members to help them create more SGA projects and serve as effective representatives of our student body.

Moreover, I believe that SGA should advocate for policies and initiatives that support our student’s' success and well-being. I am currently in progress of creating a Chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) at BHCC. It aims to break down stereotypes and biases that may discourage women from pursuing careers in the Tech industry. By providing more opportunities and networks for the student body, we can ensure that every student at BHCC has the support they need to achieve their academic and personal goals.

In summary, I am excited to bring my passion for our campus community, my commitment to service, and my expertise in communication and technology to the role of SGA Senator at Large. If elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure that every student's voice is heard and their needs are met. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow students to create a vibrant and inclusive campus environment where everyone can thrive.

Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I hope to have the opportunity to serve our college community as Senator at Large at SGA.