BHCC SGA Elections 2024-2025: Meet the Candidates

Candidates for BHCC Student Trustee

Javkhlan "Jay" Batsaikhan

Javkhlan_BatsaikhanDear BHCC Community,

My name is Javkhlan Batsaikhan, but you’re more likely to know me as “Jay.” I’m running for the position of Student Trustee of the BHCC Student Government Association (SGA) because I want to help improve the two-way communications between students and the school. I would like to advocate for access to accurate, timely information, such as the amount of the next tuition and fee increases. I have been deeply honored to serve as your SGA President during the last year, and I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with many of you. Through this journey, I’ve learned so much from students, faculty, and staff — and am excited to leverage what I’ve learned to represent you as the BHCC Student Trustee.

The Student Trustee position matters. The Board of Trustees is the group responsible for governing BHCC. Composed of 11 members, the Board works in partnership with President Pam Eddinger to determine the policies that guide our college's operation. The Governor of Massachusetts appoints nine Trustees, and one is elected by the BHCC Alumni Organization. As the only Trustee elected by the BHCC Student Body, the Student Trustee plays a crucial role in ensuring that our student community's diverse perspectives are represented. I aspire to be the voice that brings our collective needs and goals to the forefront, ensuring that we are not just heard, but actively involved in the decision-making processes that shape our BHCC experiences as well as impact future students.

Let’s build upon the SGA’s recent achievements. The core values of Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity are not mere words, but principles that have guided the SGA’s success. Over the past year, student engagement in the SGA surged by 150% as officers and volunteers worked together on initiatives students care about. The number of teams participating in our recent HackBHCC24 event saw a 75% increase. We’ve fostered increased visibility and communication by involving BHCC departments in weekly SGA meetings, including the BHCC President and Administration, BHCC Foundation and Advancement Office, DISH Food Pantry, HOPE Initiative, Immigration Services, Library, Police Department, Single Stop, and more. We also helped ensure healthy, accessible food is available on campus through our partnership with Farmer’s Fridge. All of this and much more has been possible with your engagement. Thank you!

My qualifications for Trustee.  Serving as SGA President has given me invaluable insights into our students' needs as well as our college's inner workings — a rich knowledge base I am eager to bring to the Board of Trustees, while closely collaborating with the next SGA team. My responsibilities as SGA President have included chairing meetings, setting agendas, and representing the SGA at both internal and external functions. I’ve also been an ACE Mentor, where I have helped facilitate new student transitions to BHCC, worked with professors, promoted community engagement, provided resources and referrals, and advocated for their well-being. You may have also seen me at the DISH Food Pantry, where I have been working for the last two years, welcoming visitors, and supporting operations. I’ve also been involved in a wide number of other activities, including the Exploring Leadership Program, student clubs, and Tell magazine. Finally, as an international student originally from Mongolia, I recognize and appreciate the diverse needs and perspectives of our incredible student body.

Please vote for Jay: In conclusion, I’m running for Student Trustee because I believe that I can represent the diverse viewpoints of our student body. By working together, we can continue to make positive changes that will benefit the entire community, elevate the quality of our experience, and unlock greater potential for every BHCC student. I hope I have the opportunity to serve as your next Student Trustee. Thank you for your consideration!

Javkhlan (“Jay”) Batsaikhan

Tyoviginou Beauvais

Tyoviginou BeauvaisEveryone wants an advocate and I would love to be that for us all!

Hello everyone!  

My name is Tyovi (Cho-vee) Beauvais, and I am running to be your Student Trustee! When I originally thought of joining the Student Government Association (SGA), I did not think I would be running to be your student trustee. I truly did not understand what it meant to be a trustee prior to attending the meeting. Honestly, I didn’t even know such a position existed. But after the meeting and learning just the basics of what a student trustee does, there was something about it that was calling me. “The student trustee is the voice of the students in deliberations of the governing board,” (Smith, 2018). I am all about advocacy and making sure our voices are heard.

It is even more important to me to be a student advocate and make sure our voices are heard in the places where decisions are made – decisions that we are not exactly a part of.  

The board of trustees make decisions based off what they believe would best suit us as students though they do not walk through this campus or attend the classes in person or online. They do not interact with us every day nor know who we are, but they want to see our school thrive. They not only want to see our school thrive, but they want the students in it, us, to succeed with it and beyond it. But they truly cannot make the best decisions without our input. They want our input, and I would love to be the voice for our student body.  

I want to know from you all how we can best be supported and what policies and decisions have been halting us from truly succeeding. I also want to be able to relay any important decisions and information that affect us and our time here at Bunker Hill Community College. Being at these committee meetings will give me the opportunity to learn more about what the board of trustees are doing and implementing. This allows me to find ways to communicate with you all about what is happening or upcoming.  

Voicing our concerns and giving our input can not only make our experiences great but the experiences of the students to come. It would be an honor to be that person you entrust with your concerns and above all, vocalize them. Vote me as your next Student Trustee. 

Candidates for SGA President

Ariel Gustowski

Ariel GustowskiMy name is Ariel Gustowski, I am running for President of the Student Government Association.

As your next President, I will be supportive, dedicated, and resourceful. As a returning student, I started this semester not knowing what SGA stood for, or that our school had Student Government. Inspired by the support BHCC offers to students, I was curious!

I joined the SGA as a volunteer this semester, and since then learned about the intricacies within the school, and student body. I learned about leadership, collaboration, and communication. Putting these skills into action, I spearheaded the “Meet the SGA” initiative as a way to interact and connect with our students. I plan to continue this connection throughout my presidential term. New ideas and perspectives are vital to our continuous evolution as a school, and I am invested in delivering on the needs of the student body.

I truly believe ‘Your success is my success” as I have continuously encouraged students to achieve their full potential. Whether it be attending events, helping with questions, or coursework, my goal is to have students feel, and know they are seen. We are all on this journey, pursuing higher education together. All here with a golden opportunity to transform our lives. I feel very grateful to be here, and I want to contribute to the overall student support and success as your leader.

At BHCC we have one of the most diverse student bodies in the country. We have students who work full time jobs, multiple jobs, who support their families, are parents, who traveled here alone, all to get an education. Diversity is our strength, our superpower. I see the dedication our students have, and it continually motivates and inspires me to do more for my community by becoming student body president.

My main mission while in office is to create more connection between SGA and the student body. I want students to have the convenience and accessibility to share their voice with us. With your vote, comes the confidence we will fully support and work towards your needs. I plan to establish extended evening open hours on campus for those who need the extra study time, create new enriching and interactive events to support our student body, and to aid the career path opportunities for music and art disciplines through mentorship and student showcases.

As I am dedicated to continually learning and supporting BHCC, I hope to serve you as future SGA president!

Spencer Phearom Paradis-Fichtner

Spencer Phearom Paradis-FichtnerHello! My name is Spencer Paradis-Fichtner and I am running for SGA President. I believe that the role of SGA is to be the collective voice of the student body. If the student body is the soul of Bunker Hill, then the SGA is the heart that keeps the pulse of life on campus. From funding student clubs and activities to supporting community programs, SGA should continue in helping foster a balanced and fulfilling student experience that compliments their academic endeavors.

As a rising second year student and an electrical engineering major, I’ve been heavily involved with the Bunker Hill student community throughout the year, as current secretary of the STEM Club in addition to being Co-Lead of our annual NASA Minds initiative as well as being current volunteer in SGA, I believe I have the dedication and commitment to serve as SGA President.

I am running for office because I want to help Bunker Hill become an even better sanctuary for higher learning that can provide an accommodating, productive and safe environment to everyone that’s willing to learn. My main focus in policy is help Bunker Hill become even more accessible with one center point being that I will push for additional campus hours as well as increasing access for student spaces in order to study. For many, the Bunker Hill campus serves as their main refuge for their academic success as it provides a safe space with internet access, food through DISH, a climate controlled room, and a table to write on. I want these amenities to be provided to everyone, regardless of how complicated their housing situation or schedule may be for as long as the budget can allow.

As SGA President, I wish to help the student body at Bunker Hill not only imagine the possibilities but turn them into reality.

Benji Peralte

Benji Peralte.I, Benji Peralte, student majoring in A.S. Paralegal at Bunker Hill Community College, choose to run for President of the Student government Association - SGA for this Spring election 2024-2025. I know you have a lot of questions regarding SGA, the position that I am running for, and myself? Why President? Why vote for Benji? What is the student body and how and where they are representing us? In this statement, most of the questions will be answered briefly and the rest will be held and answered during my presidency time because I believe action speaks louder than talks.

At first, let me introduce myself I was born and raised in a foreign country like many of us, where I am from, they called it the rarest Pearl of the Caribbean, the first black nation, who fought and won their freedom and lead by example by helping others to become free, this country is Haiti. I am the third (3rd) of a family of seven (7) children. In Haiti, I had studied the international relations and diplomacy, get specialized in international law in 2012-2016, while in school, I had experienced at the Haitian Ministries foreign affairs, Haitian national Palace and extended it to the Haitian consulates and embassies. I used to lead large groups and small groups. I had represented, in 2015, Haiti at CARICOM (common Caribbean Market Association) as a youth Ambassador. Delegated to Harvard Kennedy School to learn about international development in 2016. I am the leader of radio and TV Show called “Les 3 potes Haiti”. I am the owner of an office of Immigration services and advocacy, tax services, business coaching, photos and videos and more titled DIPLO BRAND AND SERVICES LLC. I will be an Ex-SGA Senator at large. I speak four languages: English, French, Spanish and Creole. I believe I was born to serve others.

So, SGA is the Student Government Association, which is mirroring the actual administration as volunteer, where we are representing the entire student body, what is the student body? Just to let you know, we are all the student body and as soon as you become a student you are part of this association of student called SGA but represented by some elected volunteers’ ones, which is the actual reason of this election, and this is where we make sure you voice is well listened at the board of administration of the Institution.

Why running for President? As I mentioned above, I believe that I was born to serve and advocate for those one who are in need and suffering without knowing what to do or where to go, who to ask. Even though, you are not in that category of student who might be in any type of needs but I called action from each of you to vote because if you do not use your right to vote, someone else will use his against yours… Latinos, Latinas, Haitian, African American, African, International Students, legal Resident, Undocumented, citizen, out of states, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italians and more… As you will vote for new officers to be elected, I called a massive vote for myself to become your next President, I also promise your needs will be my track to move forward. I will fight for:

  • Accessibility,
  • Inclusion
  • Acknowledgement…

I promise that I will be available to listen and try hard to bring solution upon your request. Because, I remembered in September, when I walked through the door of BHCC, I felt home and I saw a lot of value, students who gathered and others who were in needs of anything (information, direction and more…), I did not know where to go neither what to do to get access. On my first day at BHCC, others asking me for help thought that I was working for the institution. I said to myself, there are blanks who need to be filled out and chose to accept the first opportunity to be SGA Senator at Large. So, I know the struggles, frustrations of not being heard and needs. Although, as an Ex-SGA officer, I have been acknowledged your priority even I had many limits, but the leaving officers have tried to establish a lot of change, but you know it cannot be in one term, but it needs to be continued so this is reason why I, Benji Peralte, run for PRESIDENT of SGA. And I believe that each of your votes will be counted and will help me bring your inquiries higher than expected.

I have the experiences and skills require to fill up this position, so, Vote for Benji Peralte to be the next president of the student body is a way to create a strong voice to the administration ears.

I won’t say more because I know that each vote counts and is the way for a better change to the student body that we all represent. I can’t reach that level without any of you because the decision to run for PRESIDENT is to value YOU. Also, I believe the students body needs to be well served and represented.

Under my administration, we (Vice-Presidents and I) will be the platinum BRIDGE we were all looking for to build strength and connection to both sides. We will make sure everyone is well listened to and get answers from the smallest to the biggest request. I will make sure the officers under the supervision of our supervisor CREATE, INNOVATE and RESPECT your inquiries.

Voting for me is voting for change and evolution.

Benji Peralte, your next president.


Candidates for SGA Vice President of Administration

Zakaria Kantou

Zakaria KantouDear Fellow Students,

I am Zakaria Kantou, a data science major and leader of the Muslim Student Association and the Data Science & AI Club. I am running for Vice President of Administration to leverage my analytical skills and leadership experience to enhance SGA effectiveness and student engagement.

Vision for the SGA's Role in Student Life:

The Student Government Association (SGA) is pivotal in fostering a thriving, inclusive, and supportive student life at Bunker Hill Community College. My vision focuses on a unified theme of Improving SGA Accessibility and Accountability, which encompasses several interconnected initiatives:

Empowering Student Organizations: By streamlining the funding application process and improving accessibility, we can better support student-led initiatives. I aim to introduce digital tools that simplify these processes and improve engagement between clubs and the SGA.

Enhanced Transparency & Communication: Building trust through transparency is vital. I plan to overhaul how we communicate by regularly publishing updates on SGA activities and financial management through various digital platforms, ensuring all students are well-informed and engaged.

Stronger Student Advocacy: I intend to ensure that student voices are represented in all administrative decisions by integrating more comprehensive feedback mechanisms, like surveys and focus groups, into our regular operations.

Enhancing Club Engagement through Strategic Leadership Meetings:

To invigorate the dynamism and increase the activity levels of student clubs at BHCC, I propose to institute regular Strategic Leadership Meetings. These sessions will bring together club leaders to foster collaboration, share best practices, and discuss challenges. By creating a supportive environment that encourages open dialogue and mutual learning, we aim to empower leaders to innovate and expand their club activities effectively. This initiative will not only enhance the vibrancy of our campus community but also ensure that our student organizations are well-equipped to meet the diverse interests and needs of our student body.

Goals if Elected:

As SGA Vice President of Administration, I will focus on making meaningful improvements in how the SGA functions and interacts with the student body:

Streamlined Club Management: A web application that acts as a one-stop shop for everything club-related at BHC. It will revolutionize how students interact with clubs by providing a user-friendly platform, making it easier to join activities, track events, and manage club resources. This digital advancement comes from a proven background—I bring experience from winning second prize at HackBHCC24 for innovative project development.

Demystified Funding Process: A clear, step-by-step funding guide will demystify financial processes, enabling all student groups to navigate budget applications with confidence and ease, ensuring that financial support is accessible to every club.

Mentorship for Effective Leadership: The mentorship program is designed to directly benefit new SGA members by offering personalized guidance, fostering leadership skills that will serve them throughout their academic and professional lives. This will create a strong leadership network that supports a thriving student government.

Personal Qualities and Expertise:

Proven Leadership: As President of both the Muslim Student Association and the AI Club, I've demonstrated strong leadership by organizing key events and fostering educational initiatives.

Event Management & Financial Stewardship: Managed budgets and teams for events like charity drives and cultural celebrations, showcasing my capability to oversee club finances—a key aspect of the VP of Administration role.

Educational Leadership: Spearheaded weekly technical sessions in the AI Club, promoting a culture of learning and innovation relevant to administrative excellence.

Dedication to Service: My varied leadership roles have equipped me with the necessary experience to serve effectively as your next SGA Vice President of Administration.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. Let's work together to make BHCC a better place for everyone.

Vote Zakaria Kantou for Vice President of Administration. Building a better community starts with strong administration!

James Roberts

Roberts JameSWhile the roads I traveled eventually led me to join the BHCC community, which was longer than average, my experiences while moving through this path equipped me with a unique perspective of what it means to help the people around you at an individual and institutional level. Before enrolling at BHCC, I was (and still am) considered one of Massachusetts' "essential workers," working first in a perpetually fast-paced environment as a Pharmacy Technician for two years, followed by three years in unpredictable situations as a 911 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Alongside my medical background, I've sustained my interest in computer programming by working on websites, contributing to open-source programming projects, and completing freelance work. This multi-disciplinary background has given me a nuanced understanding of the human needs of the BHCC community, and in turn, I hope to take my background and bring it to the Student Government Association in a way that helps bring positive, lasting change. During my first semester at BHCC, I was lucky to have the opportunity to serve on the SGA as the Executive Secretary, which served as the "many hats" role at the time. With sending out agendas and taking meeting notes as a minimum requirement, I was also tasked with participating in committees, running events such as the 2024 Hackathon, and overall helping keep the SGA in smooth working order. One of the areas where there could be improvement is how the SGA is overall organized. My goal is to help improve the utilization of resources that are made available to the SGA, along with helping the student body be more aware and informed of what we do to improve their student life.

My decision to return to college after working for five years is motivated by my aspiration to be a part of and contribute to something larger by using the skills I've cultivated in my professional experience. Whether it's showing up at an emergency to take control of the scene and ensure everyone is assisted promptly or managing an open-source programming project to provide a community of developers who can work together to meet project deadlines, I've sharpened my ability to lead and make quick, effective decisions. Running for student office is motivated by my desire to help others, which I believe distinctly aligns with the part SGA plays in Student Life – not only to be a vocal mediator of the student body and the school administration but also to be the starting point for initiating change that improves the lives of students both on campus and online. Being in a leadership position enables me to listen actively to my newfound community and effect change that will benefit the group.

In conclusion, my diverse background in emergency response and computer science has equipped me with a unique skill set to tackle the challenges of the SGA VP of Administration role. I am deeply committed to using these skills to make a meaningful impact in the BHCC community. I am excited about the opportunity to work with all of you and contribute to another successful year in the SGA.

Candidate for Vice President of Communication

Rania Myrian Nur Azhari

Rania Myrian Nur AzhariHello, BHCC community!

My name is Rania Azhari, a first-year student at BHCC majoring in psychology. I am thrilled to announce that I am running to be a part of the Student Government of Association (SGA) as the SGA Vice President of Communications.

I firmly believe that the SGA can connect the students with the administrators at BHCC and assist the community with their academic and social needs. Adapting to an entirely new learning environment brings challenges, as I myself have discovered. My initial challenges included transitioning to a new environment, developing new connections, and managing unfamiliar settings. Nevertheless, I overcame these hurdles by proactively seeking possibilities and choosing to join the SGA. My motivation is to expand my social circle and provide valuable new experiences for the community by initiating entertaining social activities.

I have the courage to run for the position of SGA Vice President of Communications because I strongly desire to increase BHCC's exposure while providing a vivid representation of our active community, showcasing both individual achievement and collective achievements. Along with increased exposure, my objective is to develop intriguing social media posts that will engage with students and other BHCC members.

As a psychology student, my top priority is creating a sense of safety and support within the BHCC community and ensuring everyone's perspectives and concerns are acknowledged and valued. I believe that I can commit to being the SGA Vice President of Communications as I gained prior experience in public relations, social media marketing, event organizing, and community engagement by being a member of several clubs and a part of public relations in the student council during my high school years.

I appreciate your consideration of my candidacy for the SGA Vice President of Communications position. I eagerly anticipate having the opportunity to make a significant impression on our community.

Rania Azhari

Candidate for SGA Vice President of Communication

Mii Okamoto

Mii OkamotoHello, everyone. My name is Mii “June” Okamoto, an international student from Japan! Probably, people know me as “June”. I am running for the position of Vice President of Communication. I have had a wonderful experience at BHCC, and I would also like to contribute to the comfort of other students in their student life.

What I consider important in SGA activities is the "visualization of SGA”. I have been working at SGA as a volunteer for 2 semesters and I realized so many people don’t know what is SGA. I must admit that I did not know about SGA in my first semester, nor did I understand it well when it was explained to me. However, I got involved in almost every SGA meeting and joined several committees (Groups to be approached for more detailed agendas with regular members of the SGA). Now I understand the importance of the existence of the SGA. The influence of social media is very significant in today's society. I have been involved in revitalizing SGA's Instagram by joining the Communications Committee. This Instagram activation will allow many students easy access to information. Since this is a newly started initiative, I promise to further develop it in the future when I am elected as Vice President of Communication. I believe that posters and flyers about every event are also important. Events held within the school can provide students with good academic opportunities and a break from their studies. However, if students do not know about the event, it is useless. This is where the flyer becomes important. If we can increase the number of students who see them and become interested in the event, it will naturally lead to the revitalization of SGA. Throughout this semester I have been involved in the design of a number of flyers and have been thinking and working on how to make them interesting to a wide variety of students. I will continue to do so in the future.

The Vice President of communication is the point of contact for all of SGA's public relations activities. Through my student life and volunteering at SGA, I understand how I can contribute more than anyone else to the school and, most importantly, to the students. I will make every effort to do what I can, not only to “visualization of SGA”. Let me help you all have a better student life. Please cast your sacred vote for Mii “June” Okamoto.

Candidates for Vice President of Student Affairs

Jamie Santos Torres

Jamie Santos TorresMy name is Jamie Santos Torres. The position I am running for is SGA Vice President of Student Affairs. Something I firmly believe about the SGA's task for students is to serve as a strong and genuine representation for them. It is not about being a team of students who have power over others, but one with which the student community can not only identify, but also be represented and heard so that their brilliant ideas and proposals can be implemented.

Bunker Hill Community College is not only full of wonderful minds, but also different backgrounds who demonstrate and share their cultures and ideas. As a Hispanic myself, one of the things I appreciate most about the college is that I feel represented, and I firmly believe that a student government should represent all students attending college. Only in that way is true representation taking place and students finally being heard.

The SGA should be there to demonstrate action, not words. It is a team that must get closer to its colleagues, one that must be present, one that has empathy and includes each one. What is it about a leader who never shows himself to others? Starting with the simple fact that he does not know anyone but himself, therefore doing only what he believes is right. On the contrary, when a leader shares all his time with everyone, he will know and listen to the advice of those who give it to him and will be the voice of all those who wish to be heard.

A leader is someone who offers to be there for others and serves as a guide and help to them. The one who treats everyone the same and is honest, supports others and is realistic. He knows what he can do and believes in others and himself when difficulties arise. Someone's failure is everyone's failure for a leader and he shows that despite the great obstacles that life brings, he must always get up to move forward.

This and many others are the reasons why I am running for SGA today. I firmly believe that students deserve a government that listens to them, is there to help them, is more present and listens to them. I want them to have us within their reach instead of the SGA being an association that is only heard from occasionally and that no student knows anyone about. I'm also running because one of the things I've learned most in my time at Bunker Hill is that you can learn a lot from the classes and the amazing teachers, but a lot of our education here comes from the same students who make this institution a wonderful place.

Students are the voice and the driving force of this institution, so they deserve to be included in events and be informed of the different opportunities that exist. Everyone needs to express themselves and feel part of this place. I hope to contribute not only help but demonstrate real facts to them, because they more than deserve it. From clubs and organizations to bringing solutions and working on different topics that BHCC could improve more on. I don't want to be someone who only coordinates and orders, I want to be guided by what the students need most and doesn't stop doing their work until it is finished.

Candidates for SGA Senator at Large

Maureen Glynn

Maureen GlynnHello Everyone,

Thank you for participating in the voting process by reading these essays. My name is Maureen Glynn, and I am a candidate for the BHCC SGA Senator-at-Large position. The Bunker Hill Community College Student Government Association (SGA) collaborates to address student concerns and advocate for their interests with the college administration. In the past I have witnessed significant change initiated by student government at Bunker Hill.

I think that the BHCC student government serves a critical role in molding the college experience for all of the students. One semester, the BHCC student government successfully fought against a policy that would have limited textbook assistance to only Pell Grant recipients, thereby ensuring that all students could have access to textbook vouchers. In the past it was the student government who pushed for the establishment of the DISH food pantry.

While the issues tackled and resolved may not be large in scale they demonstrate the positive impact on campus life that can happen. With a dedicated budget BHCC officers created a Hackathon to foster innovation and student teamwork.

This year as a volunteer in student government I was part of a team that got healthier food on campus with the Farmer’s Fridge finally on campus. Also last year I served on the food and beverage committee and saw the impact of requesting simple items like utensils and an ice machine for the cafe.

Student Government officers at BHCC become educated about issues on campus through students and administration and are given support of an advisor as they offer solutions. Each year BHCC SGA officers go to the State House and push for educational funding for community colleges.

I am psychology major and also interested in music and art. I’m a member of PTK honor society and the Commonwealth Honors Program. Throughout my life, I have been an advocate for others, especially for family and friends when coping with medical difficulty. As the first person in my family to attend college, I have learned the importance of speaking up to seize opportunities, and each time I advocate for others, I honor those who have supported my education. The skills that I have learned through being a voice for people struggling with health have equipped me to serve on committees at school and push for meaningful change. If elected as your senator;

  • I would participate in the office hours and be available for you to voice concerns about issues that you see impacting your education and your day to day life as a student.
  • Continue to look at how we can have better food on campus and advocate for that through committee meetings. Advocating for students to have more options than current vending machines when the cafe is closed.
  • Work with Single Stop, HOPE, and other groups at the college for how college can be more affordable both for students working while studying at BHCC and students trying to transfer to four-year schools without incurring debt.
  • Advocate for all students to learn about educational resources on campus as well as tools for success like the tutoring center TASC that will help with essays one half hour at a time each day during the week and how to Withdraw from a class when they need to without hurting their grades.
  • Advocate for more transportation solutions for students on campus such as an additional shuttle bus stop at Bellingham Square in Chelsea for students commuting from Chelsea.
  • Speak to officers in student government for your voice as a student to be heard within student government and advocate for monthly contests for your student ideas to be brought forward
  • Advocate that more student dollars be dedicated to small events with food on campus, even if the food needs to come from local restaurants such as pizza during midterms and finals in the middle of the week.
  • Advocate for new ways for students that struggle academically to gain success as students.

In my role as a student at the college I have served on committees, such as the food service committee and run one of the clubs.

Presently I volunteer with student government and I have advocated for students with the food and beverage committee for better food choices on campus and also asked for designated places on campus to pick up Rideshare (Uber and Lyft). I will continue serving on committees regardless of election status.

Humbly, I ask for your vote as Senator-at-Large Please spread the word about voting and consider getting involved with Student Government.

Thank you for your time,

Maureen Glynn

BHCC Candidate for SGA Senator at Large 2024-2025

Arman Mustafa

Arman MustafaDear fellow students and faculty members;

I am proud to announce my candidacy for the position of “Senator at Large” and I am excited to share my vision for our campus. My name is Arman Mustafa, and I stand as a candidate committed to representing the diverse voices and perspectives of our student body.

I believe in the fundamental principle of equality, where every student's voice holds value and importance. As your Senator at Large, I will be the advocate for all perspectives and ideas, ensuring that no voice goes unheard and no idea is overlooked.

In our community college, where many students are first-generation and come from various backgrounds, countries, and ethnicities, we are truly fortunate to experience such rich diversity. This diversity not only makes our campus a unique place to study but also provides an invaluable opportunity for students to learn about each other's cultures. As many first-generation students may not be familiar with the opportunities available in college, it's crucial that we create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed and supported. As your Senator at Large, I am committed to ensuring that every student, regardless of their background, knows about and can access the resources and opportunities available to them.

SGA plays a vital role in student academic and personal success. By advocating for increased support services, organizing workshops, and representing student interests in college decisions, SGA contributes directly to creating an environment where students can thrive both academically and personally and I know how big of a job it is and if elected i will give my 100% to the position, as a student i can share the problems and i will try working with SGA in solving those problems and making our campus a good place for our fellow students.

Let's harness the power of our diversity to build a stronger, more united community where every voice is heard and every student has the chance to succeed. My platform revolves around the same core themed "Voice of Equality: Advocating for All Perspectives and Ideas." Through this lens, I will work towards

  • Amplifying underrepresented voices and ensuring equitable representation in decision-making processes.
  • Fostering dialogue and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds, promoting unity amidst diversity.
  • Advocating for policies and initiatives that prioritize inclusivity and create opportunities for all students to thrive.
  • Helping Students of Bunker Hill college to know their college and staff more deeply and help them identify resources in our college as myself, when I was in my first semester I was not able to take advantage of various opportunities.

As a passionate advocate for teamwork, I firmly believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change. If elected as your Senator at Large, I will prioritize fostering an environment of teamwork and cooperation among our student body at Charlestown campus. Together, we will work hand in hand to address challenges, explore opportunities, and create impactful initiatives that benefit every member of our community. By listening to diverse perspectives and working together towards common goals, we can achieve remarkable outcomes that elevate our college experience and propel us towards a brighter future.

“Let's unite our strengths and passions to build a campus community where every voice is valued, and together, we can make a lasting difference”

I humbly ask for your support and your vote in the upcoming election. Together, let's make our voices heard and create a university that truly represents and uplifts every member of our community. Thank you for your consideration.


Arman Mustafa

Stephanie Nabisere

STEPHANIE I NABISEREHi, my name is Stephanie I Nabisere. I aspire for the position of SGA senator at Large. I believe the SGA should be the bridge between the student body and faculty. It should be the voice of the students. To fight for fairness, equality and peace in the BHCC community. They should be able to help the students strike a balance between their academic and social lives. I am running for this post because I believe that I and with the help of my team, can add to the great work done by the current SGA leaders and hopefully do better. I hope to ensure that the students utilize and feel the presence of the SGA as much as they can for the betterment of their stay at Bunker Hill.

Tenzin Sherap

Tenzin SherapMy Name is Tenzin Sherap and I am running for the position of Student Senator at BHCC. As a Senator, I believe the Student Government Association (SGA) should play a vital role in advocating for the interests and needs of the entire student body. The SGA acts as a bridge between the students and the administration, ensuring that student voices are heard and their concerns are addressed effectively.

If elected, my primary goal as a Student Senator would be to promote an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances. I firmly believe that every student deserves equal opportunities to succeed academically and to engage in a vibrant campus life. To achieve this, I would work tirelessly to identify and address any barriers that may hinder students' academic progress or overall well-being.

Fostering open communication and collaboration between the student body and the administration would be one of my top priorities. I would strive to actively listen to the student community, I would ensure that their perspectives are accurately represented in decision-making processes.

Additionally, I would advocate for the expansion of resources and support systems that cater to the diverse needs of our student population. This could include initiatives such as peer mentoring programs, academic tutoring services, mental health counseling, and career development workshops. By providing comprehensive support, we can empower students to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, I believe in fostering a strong sense of community and school spirit on campus. I would work towards organizing more social and cultural events that celebrate our diversity and promote inclusivity. These events would not only bring students together but also create opportunities for personal growth, cross-cultural exchange, and the development of lasting friendships.

Lastly, as a Student Senator, I would prioritize transparency and accountability. I would strive to keep the student body informed about the SGA's activities, decisions, and initiatives through regular updates and open communication channels. This would ensure that students remain aware of the progress being made and can hold their representatives accountable.

I am running for the position of Student Senator because I am passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of my fellow students. With my dedication, commitment to inclusivity, and a strong desire to amplify student voices, I believe I can contribute significantly to the success and well-being of our campus community. If elected, I promise to work tirelessly to ensure that every BHCC student can thrive academically, socially, and personally to best of my ability.

Alexandra Emily Tanady

Alexandra Emily TanadyHi! My name is Alex and I’m a currently freshman studying Business Administration running for Senator-At-Large.

Just like my brief time here in Bunker Hill Community College, it didn’t take me long to recognize the academic excellence this amazing institution has to offer: the exceptionally welcoming faculty members, the academic resources, a diverse student body accommodated and well-supported by minority-serving institutions such as AANAPISI and HSI, and of course, the SGA. The SGA is an integral part of the Student Life in BHCC; as the main advocate for the students, it serves as a liaison between students and the college administration, ensuring the students’ voices are addressed. For this reason, I believe the SGA should continue in verifying all student concerns are met and effectively communicated, whether it be academics or personal development. Moreover, the SGA should persist in empowering student engagement though the recognition of student clubs, enhance campus life through organizing events and workshops that cater to a spectrum of interests and foster an engaging college environment where any and all students feel represented and valued.

I am running for the position of SGA Senator-at-Large because I am deeply passionate in serving my fellow students here in BHCC and implementing substantial change for the betterment of the quality of student life. My motivation stems from my love for the kind, warm people I’ve met from this community, hence wanting to a part of the SGA and form a closer connection with the college, coupled with my experience here as a student for the past year where I’ve actively engaged in multiple student clubs and volunteering for events, where I have noticed several areas of improvement that I wish to shed light on when I run in office. Having had multiple leadership positions through high school such as running as Heads of Arts Department within the Student Council and a Senator/Chair for UNHRC Model United Nations (MUN), I understand the process undergoing organizations and the necessary actions in carrying out events starting from drafting a proposal to hosting events. These roles have not only honed my leadership and teamwork skills, but also given me insights to the diverse needs and challenges faced by our students that can be leveraged as my role as Senator-at-Large in order to make a tangible difference; ranging from helping out internal processes such as making sure weekly meetings run smoothly, collaborating with respective VPs to accommodating external processes in bigger scale campus-wide events and/or workshops.

If elected as SGA Senator-at-Large, I plan to contribute in upholding improving the commitment in enhancing campus environment and student life likewise within all aspects such as inclusivity and the diversity, with an area of interest in which being student clubs. During my time here, I noticed a number of student clubs that have gone inactive, or lack thereof. In attempt in further promoting student engagement, as Senator I aim to introduce, as well as aid in carrying out new creative initiatives, such as planting incentives to encourage clubs to be held on campus more often as opposed to being online, work towards support of clubs such as funding and fostering an overall stronger involvement within the community through introducing the idea of cross collaborations within student clubs, in extension, majors. For example, as an active volunteer for AANAPISI and a member of the Multicultural Club, I noticed there are a couple of overlaps within the context of having the purpose of serving minorities; that being said, a collaboration could be formed where funding and resources can not only be greater, but easier to allocate, thus giving the opportunity to forming new connections and hosting a larger-scale events. Additionally, I will be committed in facilitating workshops that celebrate diversity and educate our community.

By implementing these initiatives, I hope to create a more driven, engaging community that properly voices and cater to all student’s needs— one that not only academically successful but one that promotes inclusivity here at BHCC. As an international student myself, I hope to offer new perspectives and to also bring attention to the unique needs that may have been overlooked. I recognize that being offered the position as a Senator-at-Large is a privilege that not all students get to experience, and I will do my utmost best to justly run this position with earnest values, hard work and dedication where I shall attempt to do to facilitate the SGA, and in extension, BHCC.

Candidates for SGA Vice President of Human Resources

Dakota Beck

Hello, my name is Dakota Beck, I’m currently wrapping up my first year in the Music Concentration Program here at Bunker Hill Community College, and I’ve been active as a volunteer in the Student Government Association this past semester. I’ve had an insider look of what it takes to be an actively involved member, what changes should be made, and what I can provide as a member in the Student Government.

The position I’m running for in this election is the SGA Vice President of Human Resources, a tough job to undertake which I believe I’m well equipped to take the mantle. As an SGA VP of HR, you need an organized, honest, and passionate leader. I’ve been involved in event management throughout my professional life as a server in multiple restaurants and helping organize school performances in the Music Department, and you need to be prepared for anything as there is so many variables, so flexibility is key. If you’ve gotten to know me personally over the past calendar year at BHCC you know that I pride myself in my honesty and passion. I lead by strong communication and by being an example of hard work and sacrifice. If something needs to get done, I’ll put in that extra effort.

The SGA is way more actively involved in your daily life than you’d imagine, we meet every week discussing anything and everything from new bike rakes, future building development, school wide events, student resources, and the SGA is supposed to be the representation of the student bodies voice to the school’s administration. Representation is incredibly important thing, especially for such a large and diverse student population, and my goal is lifting your voice up and make sure you feel heard. Your worries as a student are my worries as well. Are you unsure of a reliable transportation to school? Are you struggling to find the resources that will help you transfer to a four-year college? Are you unsure if you’ll be able to have all the support to finish your classes with a good grade? Are you interested in being more active in the student life and want to join a club, but not sure how to do so? There are people are resources to help you, and I’ll help point you in the right direction and get you the support that you deserve.

I’ve seen the SGA come together with a purpose and strive for excellence, and I’m here to hold us accountable to our promises. At the end of the day, we are all human, and we can’t do everything and we’re not perfect. My goal isn’t to reach perfection, it’s to improve. With every step of growth that we’ll take we can achieve anything that we put our mind, body, and souls into. If you elect me as the SGA’s Vice President of Human Resources, we’ll reach into that untapped potential together and become the best version of the SGA that we can be. We can’t do this without you.