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IT Support Certificate

Certificate Professional Studies - Computer Information Technology

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Semester 1 Credits Milestone GenEd Note Pre-req Expand
CIT-110 Applications/Concepts

Prerequisites: ESL-098 or RDG-095 or ELL-103

CIT-182 PC Hardware and Software

Prepares student for Comp TIA A+ cert

Prerequisites: ESL-098 or RDG-095 or ELL-103

CIT-162 Cisco Networking I

Milestone courses should be taken in the order shown.

Prerequisites: ESL-098 or RDG-095 or ELL-103

CIT-230 Help Desk Techniques

Prerequisites: ESL-098 or ELL-103 or RDG-095

Total Credits:
Semester 2 Credits Milestone GenEd Note Pre-req Expand
CIT-264 IT Security

Prepares student for Comp TIA Security+ cert

Prerequisite or co-requisite: CIT-162

CIT-167 Cisco Networking II

Prepares student for Comp TIA Network+ and/or Cisco CCENT cert

Prerequisite: CIT-162

CIT-262 Wireless Technology

Prepares student for Cisco Wireless Network Admin cert

Prerequisite: CIT-162

CIT-268 Operating Systems

Prepares student for RedHat CSA cert

Prerequisite: RDG-095 or ELL-103 or exemption by placing in a higher course.
Pre or Co-req: CIT-162 

Total Credits:
Last Modified Date: February 3, 2022
Approved for the 2021-2023 College Catalog

Admission Requirements:

Students must meet BHCC entry requirements, as well as RDG-095 or ESL-098 or ELL-103 or placement.

Upon Completion of this Concentration Graduates will be able to:

  • Students will use inquiry to identify technical issues and implement solutions.
  • Students will be able to communicate with audiences of all levels of technical ability.
  • Students will be able to collaborate with diverse teams in high-tech environments.
  • Students will understand career trajectory for IT Support and know how to access additional training or education to further their careers.
  • Students will prepare for industry-recognized credentialing exams.
  • Troubleshoot, repair, update, and build a complete PC computer system 
  • Build, analyze, troubleshoot, computer networks
  • Create, test, analyze, debug, and successfully develop Python programs to solve problems in Networking and Information Security
  • Build, install, and provide system administration duties for both desktop and server class computers
  • Demonstrate deep understanding of Cisco network technology and systems.including wireless systems 
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of Information Security threats, countermeasures, mitigation strategies, and "Best Practices" for Information Security practitioners in today's environment

Career Outlook

Many jobs in the Boston area do not require an Associates Degree. However, in the Boston area employers highly value industry credentials  (i.e. industry certifications) and relevant job experience.  A recent analysis of the indeed.com job data revealed for entry level positions; *IT Support - 24 openings

*This information is typical and representative of number of entry level technical IT Support jobs that are available in the Boston area. The net is that there are more job openings than candidates with the requisite skills, and that trend is likely to continue in the future.