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Advising and Registration

Students accepted for fall 2021 must complete Part I, II and III of the orientation process. Orientation for students accepted for spring 2022 will be available starting October 25, 2021.

If you have not applied to Bunker Hill Community College or need to check on your application status, please visit the Apply Now page.

Part 1: Complete College Placement Testing Requirement

Complete your reading, writing and math placement testing requirement. This can be done in multiple ways:

  • You can be exempt from placement testing if you meet any of the following requirements or tests (please visit the Assessment Center for details):
    • High school GPA of 2.7 or higher and/or
    • SAT, PSAT, ACT, AP or CLEP scores and/or
    • GED or HiSet scores and/or
    • IELTS, TOEFL, or DUOLINGO scores and/or
    • ALEKS scores
    • Previous college coursework completed at another college or university
  • If you are not exempt for placement testing, you must do the following:

For additional information about placement testing and study guides, please visit the Assessment Center website.

Part 2: Complete the online Advising and Registration session

The Advising and Registration session will include a series of videos for you to watch and will take about 1 hour to complete. Once you have completed the online advising and registration session, you will receive information about how to contact an advisor to assist you with planning and registering for classes.

You may complete the online advising and registration session at your convenience at the following link:

Start your Online Advising and Registration Session

New Student Advising and Registration Guide

The Advising and Registration Guide gives you more information about getting started with classes and can be a resource for you before, during and after you register for classes.

To be ready for registration, as soon as possible, please complete the following:

  • Review your program of study requirements.
  • Review the Learning Community Seminar options
    • All new students enrolled in 9 credits or more are required to take a Learning Community course or cluster in their first year, and all Liberal Arts majors are required to take HUM-120.
    • Visit the Learning Community website for more details

Guest Students

New guest students (not in a degree or certificate program) are not required to complete the online advising and registration session and should be registering for classes with Student Central. Visit the guest student registration page for more information.

If you have questions about completing the Online Advising and Registration session, please email Colleen Yee, cpyee@bhcc.edu.

Part 3: Attend the Virtual Orientation for New Students

After you complete your advising and registration session, you can attend the virtual orientation for new students. You will meet with our Student Mentors, tour the campus, learn how to prepare for classes and hear about all of BHCC's great resources and opportunities for students.

Virtual Orientation for New Students