Event Recap

Bunker Hill Community College Celebrates the Class of 2024 Registered Nursing Program

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

BHCC’s Registered Nursing Program held a celebration for the Class of 2024 on Tuesday, May 14, 2024.

The event was a heartfelt acknowledgment of resilience, support, and achievement. Dean of Health Sciences Maryanne Atkinson warmly welcomed attendees, setting the tone for a celebration of dedication and perseverance. Student speakers Emily Morad and Withsyndie Barreau, representing the Day Program and Mary Davis Alternative Program, respectively, shared poignant reflections on their nursing journey. Emily Morad acknowledged the collective effort and determination of her fellow students, emphasizing the challenges they overcame together, while Withsyndie Barreau expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from families, instructors, and peers, highlighting the diverse paths and sacrifices made to reach this milestone.

As the event concluded with closing remarks from Assistant Dean of Health Sciences Donna Savino, the focus shifted to the upcoming hurdle of the NCLEX exam, a critical step toward licensure. With a proud history of 100% pass rates, the message was clear: while the journey has been challenging, the Class of 2024 is poised for success. Savino's words of encouragement resonated throughout the room, urging graduates to continue striving for excellence and embodying the spirit of compassion and dedication that defines nursing. As graduates prepared to embark on their careers, the celebration served as a powerful reminder of their collective strength and the profound impact they are poised to make in their communities.

Watch the Registered Nursing Program Celebration Video