News Brief

Coming Together in Support of the Iranian Community: Thursday December 8

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Bunker Hill Community College | Office of the President

Dear BHCC Community, 

Bunker Hill Community College unequivocally condemns the murder of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian Kurd woman who died in police custody this past September. Known to her friends and family as Zhina, she had been held for three days for her refusal to wear the Hijab, a violation of the Islamic Republic’s dress code laws. 

Zhina’s death—and the extinguishing of a life so full of promise and potential—is a tragedy, and her murder by the Iranian police is a crime against Zhina, her community, and humanity at large.   Since Zhina’s death, Iranians from all regions and walks of life have taken to the streets in protest not only of Zhina’s brutal murder, but of the laws that led to her arrest and the long history of human rights violations committed by the Iran government. The targeting of college students and campuses is especially disturbing: we stand in solidarity with the brave young people to whom Iran’s—and indeed the world’s—future belongs.

There is a vast and diverse Iranian diaspora here in the United States, in Boston, and at Bunker Hill Community College. For all members of the Iranian community, the events of the last several months have likely surfaced difficult thoughts and emotions. Know that we support you and will do everything we can to help you continue your important and successful work at the College, whether you are a student or a faculty/staff member. 

On Thursday, December 8, the College will hold two sessions, with a facilitator from Cambridge Health Alliance, one for faculty and staff, and one for students. These sessions are an opportunity to be in community, share, talk, and process the events in Iran and our individual and collective reactions to them. Check your BHCC email for a link to the session.

In addition to the scheduled sessions, the following resources are available to you:  

Students are invited to connect with the counselors through the Dean of Students office and virtually visit our counselors. We also have 24/7 multilingual support through the My Student Support Program. Faculty and staff are encouraged to visit BHCC’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Lifeworks, (login instructions available on the HR Intranet site) offering all employees free mental health services and other resources. 

In hope and solidarity for the work ahead. 


Pam Y. Eddinger, PhD