Event Recap

Celebrating Two Years of the DISH Food Pantry

Thursday, September 16, 2021

For our students, being food insecure can mean choosing between meals and books in ways that many of us will never have to imagine. Despite serving millions of under-resourced students each year, hunger was rarely a topic of conversation between Administrators before this decade.

On Friday, September 5, Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) hosted a virtual victory for the DISH Food Pantry, an evolving solution to hunger at BHCC. Reflecting on the September ribbon cutting, DISH Program Coordinator Molly Hansen recalls “a joyous and exciting moment.” The pantry had been less than six months before the pandemic changed operation. With two years of operation behind us, we reflected, shared pictures, milestones, and stories of service in the DISH Pantry. 

Before this infrastructure, Single Stop provided peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for hungry students. Today, students can use an app to help meet their needs.  We wanted the DISH to have the ability to provide an Amazon or Peapod-like experience. The app and software allow us to create a more commercial feel.

Students working there can support students and gain valuable workplace students. Ana Lindo– who voices the virtual tour of our campus–shared with great affection a testimony of her time in the pantry and the impact it has had in her personal and professional life.

Described as a “hidden treasure” by Will Cribby, Assistant Dean of Students, it’s students like Ana, and partners like Stop & Shop and the Greater Boston Food Bank, who made the greatest impact in the growth of DISH. Meeting the needs of an adult student experience requires more compassion and nuance. Of the future of DISH, Molly’s goal is to “try and bring some joy into our students' lives and their food pantry order.” Therefore, it is more critical than ever that we celebrate and support programs like DISH!