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New Paramedic Certification Scholarships Offered for Boston Emergency Medical Services Members

Thursday, March 4, 2021

A new scholarship program for Boston Emergency Medical Services (EMS) members aims to reduce financial barriers for paramedic certification and increase diversity and inclusion among promotional ranks.

Coordinated through United Coalition for EMS Providers (UCEP), the Boston EMS affinity group, and in partnership with both the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development (OWD) and Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC), 16 emergency medical technicians are now beginning their coursework at BHCC to become certified paramedics. The training opportunity allows Boston EMS personnel to complete coursework while continuing to provide life-saving care.

In addition to paramedic training, the College now allows EMS professionals holding a paramedic certification to secure college credit toward an associate degree. “We see ourselves as an integral partner to the City and its departments, providing essential training and skills necessary for students to secure livable jobs and advance within their careers,” said Maryanne Atkinson, Dean of Health Sciences at BHCC.

The Division of Health Sciences at BHCC prepares students for employment as well as transfer to four-year colleges and universities. The division offers a broad array of courses geared to in-demand health careers. Visit the Division of Health Sciences webpage for more information and a list of programs.

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