News Brief

President Eddinger on “Who Leads Colleges After COVID-19?”

Thursday, September 10, 2020

In an Inside Higher Ed article “Who Leads Colleges After COVID-19?”, Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) President Pam Eddinger joined college and university presidents in speaking on factors amidst the pandemic that would contribute to the future of higher education.

President Eddinger spoke to the role of  institutions of higher education in interacting with society to fight racism and the political processes that feed into it, as well as the importance of providing service to the community, “In order for there to be structural depravation and structural racism, you have to go into the idea of what built that structure,” said President Eddinger. “That’s our policies. That’s our procedures. It’s years and years of redlining in real estate policy and health policies.”

Given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, college presidents consider inimitable ways to lead their institutions, looking at all variables that may change the way they lead in the years to come. The article comes from a new report by Inside Higher Ed, “College Leadership in an Era of Unpredictability.” The report elaborates on what leaders can do to prepare themselves and their institutions for the future.

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