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President Eddinger joins WBUR Radio Boston on how Greater Boston's Community Colleges Confront An Atypical Semester

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

On August 31, 2020, Bunker Hill Community College President Pam Eddinger, alongside Roxbury Community College President Valerie Roberson, joined WBUR to discuss how community colleges are overcoming challenges this upcoming fall semester.

Play button - Greater Boston's Community Colleges  Contront Atypical Semester

During the segment, the two community college presidents discussed how their students, who are mostly working parents, benefit from the Colleges’ resources and services and what the Colleges are doing to help them overcome the obstacles that arose from the coronavirus pandemic.

"It's an iterative process, it's not a magical process, but every time we do it, we're going to get better at it, and certainly, I'm hopeful that our students are also building capacities and confidences that they didn't have before. That's going to help them as they move into the workforce," said President Eddinger.

Listen to the WBUR segment.