News Brief

Blue Cross Blue Shield highlights DISH Partnership with Food for Free

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) highlighted the DISH Food Pantry’s partnership with food rescue nonprofit Food for Free in a Coverage health news article titled “Combating hunger on campus.” BCBSMA recently awarded Food for Free a $100K “healthy living accelerator grant” to continue to scale the program.

DISH Director standing with a Dish Staff

Food for Free collects surplus food from local universities and corporate dining halls and repackages it into attractive individually-frozen meals that can easily be reheated. BHCC is one of 16 Food for Free partners.

While the College provides students with access to free groceries at the DISH, the frozen family meals program has proven popular with students who “do not have the time or equipment to cook nutritious meals,” according to DISH food pantry coordinator Molly Hansen. Each week DISH distributes more than 100 frozen family meals to food insecure students. “By having frozen meals from Food for Free available in the pantry, students are able to stop by before or after class and grab a quick, nutritious meal.” 

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