News Brief

Bunker Hill Community College Public Safety Department Promotes Police Transparency

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) Public Safety and Campus Police Department believes in fair and impartial policing in serving the diverse community at BHCC. As communities across the United States continue to contend with racism, the department supports the College’s mission to confront racial injustice. Understanding that transparency builds trust, the department created the Proactive Integrity Initiative that includes a Police Transparency and Accountability website.

“For our campus police department to continue to grow and improve, this website is just one more step in that direction,” said BHCC Chief of Police Robert Barrows. “It has always been my philosophy to commit to a community-engaged department that represents integrity, equity, and builds trust within our BHCC community and beyond.”

The Proactive Integrity Initiative encompasses the following key principles to increase community confidence in its operations:

  1. Ongoing efforts to enhance department integrity and transparency
  2. Implementation of strategies that prevent bias-based policing
  3. Consistent efforts to sustain accountability and supervision of personnel
  4. Collecting and analyzing complaints

For more information about this Proactive Integrity Initiative, visit the Police Transparency and Accountability website.