News Brief

President Eddinger Offers Perspective on Adult Learners

Thursday, October 17, 2019

In an article titled “Don’t Call Our Students Kids!” in Ferris State University’s Perspectives publication for Community College Leadership for the 21st Century, Bunker Hill Community College President Pam Eddinger reminds us that the profile of a community college student has grown complex, and with that complexity, there is potential that must be recognized at the college level.


“In Massachusetts alone, we must fill some 65,000 middle-skills jobs by the beginning of the next decade, jobs that are critical to economic growth and innovation,” said President Eddinger. “Adult learners are our best hope to fill this need. They tend to be goal-oriented and focused, and generally carry prior work experience with them when they return to college. In important ways, they are motivated and primed for success, if our colleges are truly adult-learner-ready to receive and support them.”

Read President Eddinger’s article in “Perspectives.”