Pinning New Graduates of the Medical Imaging Program

Thursday, June 7, 2018

On Thursday, May 17, 2018, 47 graduates from the Bunker Hill Community College Medical Imaging program received pins to mark their passage from student technologist to clinical practitioner.

student receiving her medical imaging pin“For the moment, I would like to make today about everyone else,” said President Pam Eddinger, asking the graduates to recognize their family and friends and the faculty and staff who helped them succeed in their goals. “This is what the day is truly about–being thankful to the folks who were there for your journey as you will be there for your patients and clients from this point on.”

The group received Associated of Science degrees from BHCC’s Medical Imaging program, which prepares students for careers in sonography and radiography. Donna M. Misrati, Professor and Chairperson, Medical Imaging Department, congratulated the Class of 2018 graduates and acknowledged those who supported the medical imaging students through clinical education at Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Lahey Clinical and Children’s Hospital.

“Before you are really the best of the imaging students in the Boston area,” said Professor Misrati, speaking to the high standards medical imaging students are held to by the College. “Without the support of our faculty and staff, advisory board members and our clinical partners, we wouldn’t have the outstanding program and outstanding graduates that we have sitting before you today.”

Faculty members Michelle Gagnon, Natalya V. Chernyak and Lynn Pellecchia, addressed the graduates and offered advice for their new careers. “Never stop being curious,” said Professor Chernyak. “Learn more about your profession every year.”

According to Professor Gagnon, cardiac sonography students from the Class of 2018 had a 100% pass rate on their Physics Board Exam, compared to the national average of 75%. “Every bar I raised for them, they met,” said Professor Gagnon, congratulating the graduates on achievement.

“Your class displayed some of the best teamwork I have seen in years,” continued Professor Gagnon, recognizing the attributes that help medical imaging technologists excel in their careers.  “I saw commitment and I saw caring for your classmates. You knew when someone else was down and you picked each other up. Those are the essential skills to be great in patient care.”

The time-honored imaging school tradition of the pinning ceremony dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. The pins mark the graduates’ passage from student technologist to clinical practitioner. Each pin depicts a caduceus, the symbol of healthcare, and is designed in gold-plate with a red stone for BHCC’s program.

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