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Bunker Hill Community College Selects ZogoTech for Data Warehousing Solution

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bunker Hill Community College has selected ZogoTech, a key player in the IT world of higher education, for its data warehousing and business intelligence solutions.

“Data warehousing” refers to the repository of an organization’s electronically stored data. It facilitates reporting and easy access to the various types of data an organization collects. “Business intelligence,” a closely related term, describes the methods used to improve an institution’s decision making by using fact-based and data-driven information.

“ZogoTech’s Estudias data warehouse has been surprisingly easy to implement, ” said Bret Moeller, CIO of BHCC. “So far, the results have been very positive. In the short time since the contract was signed, we have configured the hardware, installed the software, and have almost completed the testing phase.”

The implementation of ZogoTech’s data warehousing solution will support the College’s realization of the “culture of evidence,” which is increasingly important in higher education. Demonstrating a “culture of evidence” is particularly significant for Bunker Hill Community College as it is currently in the self-study phase of its 10-year re-accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The self-study is driven by both data and empirical evidence. “After months of research and product demonstrations, we determined that ZogoTech was the right partner for the College because it will definitely help strengthen the culture of evidence on campus,” said David J. Leavitt, J.D., Director of Institutional Research. “Instead of waiting days or weeks for a report, end users will be able to create their own reports quickly, slicing and dicing the data as their unique needs warrant.”

Building a campus-wide “culture of evidence” is also closely linked to two other College initiatives: “Achieving the Dream” and “Building the Engaged Campus.” The “Achieving the Dream” project originally received a $50,000 grant from the Lumina Foundation and over a four-year period is receiving $100,000 each year from a range of funders including The Boston Foundation, The Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation, The Educational Resources Institute and The Irene E. & George A. Davis Foundation. It aims at helping particularly students of color and those with low incomes to complete their education. The goal of the program is to emphasize building a culture of evidence, in which colleges use data to identify effective practices, improve student success rates and close achievement gaps.

The College’s “Building the Engaged Campus” initiative, funded by a U.S. Department of Education grant of nearly $1.9 million, aims at increasing student engagement, persistence and program completion. A key component of this multi-faceted project is also building a “culture of evidence,” as it aims at comprehensive data-driven outcomes assessments.

“While BHCC has been using data to drive decisions for quite some time, the “Engaged Campus” and “Achieving the Dream” initiatives have reinvigorated the entire college community, from administrators to staff to faculty,” said Leavitt. “The ZogoTech Data Warehousing Solution will allow us to take data access and implementation to a new level.”
About ZogoTech
ZogoTech aims to revolutionize the way that educators and administrators use technology. ZogoTech’s Institutional Intelligence software has been built through partnerships with institutions of higher education to deliver a solution that precisely answers the data needs of executives, institutional researchers, faculty and student services personnel. ZogoTech brings an in-depth knowledge of higher education, superior customer support, and software solutions highly-acclaimed for their usability. See https://www.zogotech.com/ for more information.

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