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MAT-133 Objectives

MAT-133 Intro to Metric System

Course Description

Introduction to Metric System 1 Credit This course enables students to recognize and use metric terms, roughly measure using body parts, and use estimation within the metric system.

Instructional Objectives

After completing this course students will be able to:

  1. Recognize and properly use common SI metric terms.
  2. Use the base-10 decimal system of prefixed units to solve practical problems.
  3. Describe how the common units of the metric system are based on a standard unit of measure.
  4. Measure with metric rulers, or with your own body parts, for both rough and accurate measurements.
  5. Estimate in metric units for length, distance, speed, area, volume, capacity, mass, and temperature.
  6. Evaluate which measuring unit to use for each task; when to estimate instead of calculating.
  7. Think and measure in metric terms without converting to the English system.