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LifeMap Services

LifeMap is a program and a process that is dedicated to promoting student success in their educational, career and life goals. LifeMap utilizes technology combined with the personal attention students receive from faculty and staff to ensure a positive and productive post-secondary educational experience. Bunker Hill Community College allows students to access the many technological components contained in LifeMap including career and transfer planning tools, academic advising and information regarding support services on and off campus. BHCC faculty and staff provide students the individual direction and support required to fulfill their personal and educational objectives.

LifeMap career planning

My Career Plan

Career planning helps students prepare for employment that matches their interests and goals. Students come to college with various questions regarding their career paths. Through classroom activities, various workshops and visits with the career advisors students can begin to answer these questions.

LifeMap - Education Planning

My Educational Plan

Educational planning guides students to being successful in college. Having a clear path to graduation allows students to better plan for the future.

LifeMap - eportfolio

My e-Portfolio

At BHCC, electronic portfolios provide vehicles for students to display and reflect on written, visual, audio and other work they create as part of their college experience. The ePortfolio  is a key component of LifeMap.

LifeMap - Financial Planning

My Financial Plan

Financial planning helps students to make financial decisions that are right for them. Financial planning is not only about a budgeting for day to day personal expenses, but looking towards the ahead and budgeting for textbooks, budgeting for transfer to a bachelor granting institution and saving for the future.

LifeMap - Social Network

My Social Network

Social networks connect students with faculty, staff and the larger community. Social networking is a great platform to promote and market yourself. Having a social network allows you to obtain needed information about different opportunities, personal and professional.

LifeMap - Support Network

My Support Network

Support networks connect students to people and services that meet their unique needs. It is important to remember, you do not have to go through college and life alone. At BHCC, we recognize students have unique needs, so we have an extensive support network to help students achieve the academic, personal and professional goals.