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Equipment Policy

Equipment Use

General Courtesy to Others

Individuals should use library equipment in a courteous, reasonable, and responsible manner. When using the Library’s resources, patrons are asked to limit their use if others are waiting. Patrons are also asked to remember that the Library is a public place and that they should exercise discretion in viewing, printing, or copying text or graphics that may be offensive to others.

Library Computers and Internet Access

The BHCC College provides public computer workstations and a public wireless network that offer comprehensive access to information and applications. These workstations and the public wireless network are designed to offer the BHCC community access to electronic library catalogs, databases, and other information sources to help users meet the objectives of their studies, research, or other information needs.

Appropriate use guidelines have been established in order to ensure the maximum library-related use of these workstations and laptop Internet connections.

The following activities are considered to be the primary library-related uses for which the computers and laptop Internet connections are reserved:

  • Searching of library catalog, online or electronic databases, and files made accessible by the Library through its website
  • Use of the Internet to complete academic assignments or perform research tasks
  • Use of Library-supported software applications such as word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet software to complete academic assignments or prepare career-oriented documents.

The Library staff will announce Library closing times 30 minutes prior to closing. Computer users must be prepared to finish their work on the computers before closing time.

Patrons are not permitted to install or run software that is not already installed on the Library computers.

First priority will be given to searching library catalogs and databases using library’s computers and wireless network connections

Minors under the age of sixteen are not allowed to use BHCC computers or printers.

Users of library computer equipment must not engage in illegal activity and must abide by the rules, regulations and policies established by the College.

Downloading and Printing

  • Patrons wishing to download files from Moodle and the internet do so at their own risk.
  • Patrons wishing to download PowerPoint files do so at their own risk.
  • The Library currently offers free printing. Student cooperation is requested in the form of responsible use to help keep printing free. Before printing, please consider whether you need all of that paper. Ask a librarian to show you how to print two-sided (duplex) or with multiple slides on a single page.  Please avoid waste.
  • There is a 20-page limit to print jobs. Jobs over 20 pages may be cancelled.
  • By default, Library computers print single-sided (simplex).
  • Four black-and-white printers are available for patron use. By default, Library computers print to the closest printer.
  • Color printing is not available to students on campus. Faculty and staff needing documents printed in color should visit Central Services.

Wireless Internet Access

Bunker Hill Community College provides access to a wireless network for use on campus. The wireless network is publicly accessible but requires authentication in the form of a valid email address. Minors under the age of sixteen may use their own laptops or devices to connect to the wireless network. The campus wireless network is maintained by Tech Support Services. If you have questions, contact them.

Personal Computer and Device Use

  • Patrons are permitted and encouraged to bring their own computers and other electronic devices for use in the Library. Personal electronic devices may be used in any area of the Library as long as the patron complies with all other policies.
  • Electronic devices may be plugged into any open electric receptacle. Patrons may not unplug Library equipment to charge their devices.
  • Patrons are strongly encouraged to monitor their electronic devices at all times. The Library is not responsible for personal items (see BHCC Library Patron Responsibilities).
  • Software downloaded from the Internet may contain computer viruses. Every user is responsible for maintaining virus-checking software on his/her own computer. The BHCC Library is not responsible for damage to any user’s disk or computer, or any loss of data, damage, or liability that may occur from patron use of the Library’s computers or Internet connections.

Copy Machines

  • Two copy machines are available in the Library near the Lending Services Desk.
  • The copiers make both letter- and legal-sized copies at a cost of ten cents per side.
  • The machines accept nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1- and $5-bills only.
  • The Library does not make change, but the machines return change if you make at least one co