Bunker Hill Community College

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General Bunker Hill Community College Library Regulations

BHCC Library Patron Responsibilities

  • The Library maintains and provides a quiet working atmosphere; please refrain from disruptive behavior in all parts of the Library.
  • Some areas of the library are designated as “quiet areas.” In these areas, conversation should be kept to a low level. Other areas of the library are designated as “silent zones.” In these areas, silence should be maintained.
  • Cell phones should be placed on vibrate or silent. Talking on cell phones and electronic devices is not permitted anywhere in the library, including the corridors and the areas outside the bathrooms.
  • Respect library materials and remove items from the Library only after checking them out.
  • Take your bags and personal items with you when you leave the Library. After 30 minutes, the Library reserves the right to contact Campus Security to have them investigate the bags left behind.
  • The Library is not responsible for items left unattended. Abandoned items may be sent to the campus lost and found in Student Activities (D106).
  • Beverages in closed or covered containers are permitted in the Library. Open food, open candy, chewing gum, and eating are not permitted in the library.
  • Solicitation, selling, advertising, and the dispersal of handouts or applications are not permitted in the Library outside of the designated public-use bulletin boards near the elevators.
  • Follow all rules and regulations of the Bunker Hill Community College, BHCC Student Handbook, Course Syllabus, and all relevant federal, state and municipal laws.

Access to and Use of the Library

  • The BHCC Library is located on the BHCC Charlestown Campus in room E300, the third floor of the E building.
  • The BHCC Library is open to BHCC students, faculty, staff, and community members.
  • Children under the age of 16 are welcome in the Library but, for their own safety, must be accompanied at all times and continuously supervised by a parent or other responsible adult. Unaccompanied children will be reported to Campus Police and may be taken to the Office of Public Safety after reasonable attempts have been made to locate a parent or guardian. Minors under the age of sixteen are not allowed to use BHCC computers or printers.
  • Minors who are currently enrolled in a BHCC program or class must be accompanied and supervised by an instructor who will be responsible for their safety and appropriate use of the facility and resources.

Adaptive Library Services

The Library works in cooperation with the Disabilities Support Services office. The Library is wheelchair-accessible via Elevator Car-2 in the E building. People using wheelchairs will find tables of acceptable height, restrooms with accommodations, and an accessible entrance directly opposite the elevator. Materials, equipment, and accommodations available to people with disabilities include:

  • Two computers with up to date software.
  • Wheelchair-accessible study tables.

Booking and Use of Library Classroom E319

E319, the Library classroom, is intended for library-related instructional use. It is primarily used for teaching by BHCC librarians, who have priority use. It may also be used for library-related instruction and meetings by BHCC librarians, Library administration, or Library staff.

BHCC faculty and staff members may book the classroom for individual use without the assistance of a librarian on an incidental basis. Faculty and staff must give 3 days (72 hours) advance notice and may make arrangements by phone or email.

The classroom is not available for use for non-library related BHCC instruction or outside groups, nor for booking on a semester-long or recurring basis.

When E319 is not being used for library instruction or library-related instruction, student use has priority. During the fall and spring semesters, students and patrons may use the computers during times that the room is not occupied.

Membership in North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE)

The BHCC Library is a member of the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE), which extends the borrowing privileges of students to 26 additional local area libraries: 10 academic, 17 public, and 1 special library. Their catalogs may be searched via the Internet, and materials may be borrowed through the BHCC Interlibrary Loan Service.