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Information Literacy Workshops at the Library

The purpose of the library instruction program at BHCC is to foster and develop students' information literacy skills; specifically the ability to effectively and efficiently identify, locate, evaluate, and use needed information. These essential skills are needed to succeed academically, but are also necessary for the development of lifelong learning.

BHCC librarians will work with you to design an information literacy class that supports a specific project your students are working on but also teaches core information literacy concepts.

Library instruction workshops are most useful to students when tied to a particular assignment, at the point when they would normally need to begin research. Skills and concepts that can be covered include:

  • Topic exploration: identifying and focusing topics, teaching research as an exploratory and iterative process
  • Search strategies: how to turn a research question into keywords; how to narrow or broaden searches; Boolean operators; using subject headings
  • Evaluation of sources: differentiating among scholarly, popular, and trade publications; verifying information's accuracy and authority; being aware of bias
  • How to cite information properly

To schedule a workshop, please fill out the form found here: https://bhcc-mass.libwizard.com/f/facultywebexlib