Bunker Hill Community College

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Archives Mission & Vision

The Archives are the repository of official college records for Bunker Hill Community College, charged with identifying, collecting, preserving, and making available for research and reference College records of enduring historical value.

The primary purpose for collecting such records is to document the history and development of Bunker Hill Community College since its foundation in 1973, and, in particular,

to provide documentation of its teaching, learning, and research functions;

the activities of its diverse student body and alumni;

its role in the state of Massachusetts and the community at large;

and its place in American higher education and workforce development.

The goals of the BHCC Archives are:

  • To ensure the long-term preservation and storage of historical records pertaining to Bunker Hill Community College.
  • To efficiently manage its collections.
  • To continually improve access to and encourage the use of collections by the College, the community, and interested researchers.