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Databases: Additional Resources and Databases Trials

Temporary Databases and Database Trials

1. Academic Search Ultimate - Temporary Database. From EBSCO. Available until June 15, 2020.

2. Business Source Ultimate - Temporary Database. From EBSCO. Available until June 15, 2020.

3. eBook Subscription Harvard Business Publishing Collection - Trial. From EBSCO. Available until May 25, 2020.

4. Coronavirus Research Database - Temporary Database. From ProQuest.

Including coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak, this database curates openly available content related to coronaviruses. It includes thousands of open-access articles from the world’s leading publishers as well as current research from pre-print repositories such as arXiv and will continue to grow and evolve as more is learned about the pandemic. 

5. Testing & Education Reference Center with Career Module - Trial. From Gale. Available until June 15, 2020.

The following database trials are available until May 31, 2020 from Bloomsbury:

a. Arcadian Library Online - Arcadian Library Online is an award-winning primary source database of exceptionally high quality focusing on the shared cultural heritage of Europe and the Middle East across the course of a millennium. It includes 90,000 pages of rare books, documents, and historically significant material, many of which are made available publicly for the first time through this resource.

b. Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts - Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts is an eBook library combining visual inspiration with practical advice across the following subject areas - Fashion & Textiles, Design & Illustration, Photography, Film and Animation, Architecture and Interiors, Marketing and Advertising.

c. Bloomsbury Cultural History - Offering exclusive digital access to Bloomsbury’s ground-breaking Cultural Histories series alongside an extensive eBook collection, multiple image galleries, and a growing list of lesson plans, Bloomsbury Cultural History offers students and scholars a unique approach to this diverse field of study.

d. Bloomsbury Food Library - Providing an extensive collection of major reference works, eBook monographs, image collections, and teaching resources, Bloomsbury Food Library offers students, researchers, and scholars fundamental context and background about the food systems that currently surround us as well as expanding on humanity’s ongoing and evolving relationship with what we eat.

e. Bloomsbury Medieval Studies - Bloomsbury Medieval Studies offers a global perspective on this rich field of study, bringing together high-quality secondary content with visual primary sources, a brand-new reference work and object images in a one-stop digital resource that will open up the medieval world.

f. Churchill Archive - Published in collaboration with the Churchill Archives Centre, the Churchill Archive includes 800,000 pages of original documents and extensive educational resources which explore key topics in the 20th century history and provide links into the documents, further reading lists, bibliographies, and references.



Access to databases from off-campus and through database apps:

Access to databases is not limited to on-campus and from a desktop.  You can now add a database app to your mobile device, and you can also access the databases from off-campus. 

1. Click Here To Learn How To Access Our Databases From Off-Campus

2. Click Here To Learn How To Add Apps For EBSCO, EBSCO eBooks, Gale, and Kanopy


Additional Resources

Click the following link to get a search box that allows you to search in specific journals, resulting in showing the databases that include the journals: EBSCO's Full Text Finder

Click for a list of Current Periodicals and Newspapers (which can be found in our Circulating collection - please ask at the Lending Services desk for the exact location)

Click for a list of (like the Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg) that provide free and open content.

eBooks & eAudiobooks: Visit the BHCC Library eBooks & eAudiobooks Homepage for more information.

Online Digital Content: Visit the BHCC library webpage for links to online content (books, articles and other types of information) that is free and accessible by all.

  • NOTE: Many of the accessible books are in the public domain, which are no longer under copyright protection.