College Logo Usage


Building a successful institutional identity requires that all members of the BHCC community adhere to a set of guidelines when developing communications materials for both internal and external audiences. The more consistently the brand is used, the more effective it becomes in representing our institution. 

Use of the Logo on Publications

To request an electronic version of the logo for use on communications materials, please open a ticket, choosing from the request type dropdown "Marketing/Promotions."

Use of the College logo on material that will be presented or distributed to external audiences should be reviewed by IMC. To submit material for review, please open a ticket, choosing from the request type dropdown "Marketing/Promotions."

Logo Standard

To maintain the integrity and consistency of the logo, its components must always appear together, intact, and in the same proportions. No parts may be deleted, and no text may be added. The font may not be altered. The image may not be stretched or condensed. 

Logo Usage


Clear Space

To insure the integrity and clarity of the logo, it is important to allow an area of clear space around the image, between the logo and any type, imagery or other elements. 

Logo Usage

Primary Colors

BHCC Red, with the preferred grey and black, are the College’s signature colors and an important component of BHCC’s visual identity for brand recognition.


PMS 186
RGB: R=166 G=16 B=46
CMYK: C=2 M=100 Y=85 K=6
HTML: #c8102e
PMS 424
RGB: R=112 G=115 B=114
CMYK: C=30 M=20 Y=19 K=58
HTML: #707372
PMS Black
RGB: R=0 G=0 B=0
CMYK: C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100
HTML: #000000

Secondary Colors

The secondary color palette is designed to complement the College’s primary color palette. Sub-colors should be used in conjunction with and to support the primary colors (not in place of) for accenting and differentiation. For example, secondary colors could be used through photography, graphic elements and color blocking.


PMS 7460
RGB: R=0 G=131 B=194
CMYK: C=100 M=32 Y=14 K=1
HTML: #0083c2
PMS 3155
RGB: R=0 G=96 B=114
CMYK: C=100 M=45 Y=45 K=19
HTML: #006072
PMS 286
RGB: R=0 G=51 B=161
CMYK: C=100 M=84 Y=11 K=3
HTML: #0033a1
PMS Violet
RGB: R=65 G=0 B=153
CMYK: C=90 M=100 Y=1 K=2
HTML: #410099
PMS 7492
RGB: R=193 G=203 B=128
CMYK: C=27 M=10 Y=62 K=0
HTML: #c1cb80
PMS 460
RGB: R=231 G=215 B=128
CMYK: C=11 M=10 Y=61 K=0
HTML: #e7d780
PMS 1375
RGB: R=255 G=159 B=25
CMYK: C=0 M=48 Y=100 K=0
HTML: #ff9f19


BHCC is committed to shaping an inclusive educational environment. Our primary palette is acceptable for headline copy. For body copy and web accessibility compliance, the BHCC preferred black should be used. When choosing typography and background colors, always promote visibility and legibility by ensuring sufficient contrast. Font sizes and weights also play a crucial role in designing for accessibility.

This is the standard for Headline Copy

This is the standard for Body Copy

Correct Logo Usage

Logo Usage


Incorrect Logo Usage

Do not produce the logo in any color other than black, red, or black and red.

Logo Usage


Do not stretch or condense the logo.

Logo Usage


Do not use components of the logo separately.

Logo Usage


Do not combine College Logo with Bulldog Mascot Logo or Athletics Logo.

Bulldog - dont combine with college logoAthletic logo - dont combine with college logo


These logos are no longer in use. 

Logo Usage