Athletics Mascot Usage


The Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) Athletics Bulldog Mascot was developed under the direction of the Director of Athletics working with a national brand identity firm Phoenix Design Work.

The BHCC Athletics Bulldog Mascot features a primary mark of a running bulldog, energetic and with its eyes focused forward, seeking success in a manner congruent with the mission of the BHCC Athletics program and consistent with the uniqueness of BHCC.


The BHCC Athletics Bulldog Mascot portrays respect, tenacity, a competitive spirit and loyalty. College athletic programs generally have a unique athletic identity system for this purpose.

The BHCC Athletics Bulldog Mascot and marks are maintained by the College’s Athletics Department and Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) with the sole intention to promote the BHCC Athletic brand.

A companion mark, including a secondary BHCC Bulldog Mascot is available for use in association with academic affairs and student activities, student-led activities or other College initiatives.

To request an electronic version of  mascot for use on communications materials, please open a ticket, choosing from the request type dropdown “Marketing / Promotions.”

Use of the BHCC Athletics Bulldogs Mascot on material that will be presented or distributed to external audiences should be reviewed by IMC. To submit material for review, please open a ticket, choosing from the request type dropdown “Marketing / Promotions.”

Athletics Bulldog Mascot Standard

To maintain the integrity and consistency of the BHCC Athletics Bulldog Mascot, the components of the Official Pantone Color Primary Mark must always appear together, intact, and in the same proportions. No parts may be deleted, and no text may be added. The font may not be altered. The image may not be stretched or condensed.

 Athletics Logo Standard

One Color Version:

Athletics Logo Correct Usage Greyscale


Secondary Pantone Color Marks, as well as an Embroidery Version and One Color Version, have also been developed for usage by the BHCC Athletics Department and IMC.

Clear Space

To ensure the integrity and clarity of the mascot brand, please respect a 10% margin of the total logo size for all mascot mark applications.

 Athletics Logo Clear Space


Athletics Bulldog Mascot Colors

The BHCC Athletics Bulldogs Mascot consists of Black, PMS 424 Gray and PMS 186 Red.

 Athletics Logo Colors Used

Incorrect Athletics Bulldog Mascot Usage

Do not produce the logo in any color other than Official Pantone Colors or One Color Version.

Athletics Logo Incorrect Usage 1Athletics Logo Incorrect Usage 2


Do not stretch or condense the mascot.


Athletics Logo Incorrect Usage 3Athletics Logo Incorrect Usage 4


Do not combine College Logo with Athletics mascot. 

Athletic logo - dont combine with college logo



These mascots are no longer in use.


Old Logo 1Old Logo 2Old Logo 3