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Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC)

Develop and execute strategic communications and marketing plans that advance the College’s goals, values, and brand.

The IMC Division is responsible for maintaining a consistent image for the College for both internal and external audiences. In addition to marketing and advertising for the College in general, we assist in promoting College events, academic programs, speakers and other College-related initiatives through a variety of communication channels and high-quality print and digital marketing materials. Successful marketing and promotion are all about collaboration. We will work with content stakeholders to develop marketing and communication strategies that ensure the right message makes it to the desired audience.

IMC Strategic Goals:

  1. Build awareness and enhance the BHCC Brand
  2. Increase enrollment for new students
  3. Support efforts to increase retention and persistence for current students
  4. Support and promote institutional initiatives and events

Requests for Integrated Marketing and Communications Services

To streamline requests and better serve the BHCC community, we utilize a request system. Every request is assigned a unique request number which you can use to track the progress and responses online.

Already have a good idea of what you need? Content stakeholders can submit a ticket through our online request system with the details. An IMC representative will get back to you with any questions and will provide an estimated timeline and next steps for your project.

Not sure where to start? Contact us at imc@bhcc.edu to request a discovery meeting.

Marketing and Publications Requests

Requests for marketing and promotion can be made through the ticket system.  Content stakeholders can submit an IMC request ticket detailing the request. Depending on the request, a discovery meeting may be scheduled to discuss the details and timeline. 

While some projects may only require two to four weeks to complete, some large-scale projects will require more time. Plan ahead. Discuss your needs with IMC to allow time for content creation. Contact imc@bhcc.edu.

New materials (includes posters, flyers, programs, information channel slides, web advertisements)

Lead time: 4-8 week minimum
Requests should include a clear vision of the request’s purpose, target audience, message or event details, a call to action and contact information.

Updates to existing materials or templates

Lead time: 2-4 week minimum
Submit clear instructions of changes needed and include the IMC ticket number or PDF of the previous item.

Brooke Yarborough, Director of Marketing & Creative Services, blyarbor@bhcc.edu | 617-228-3406

Media Relations

Please note that all inquiries from press and media outlets should be directed to the IMC Division, which serves as the College’s designated contact for all press and media inquiries.

Karen Norton, Executive Director of Integrated Marketing and Communications, kmnorton@bhcc.edu | 617-228-2177

Website Updates and Social Media

Need to update content on one of the BHCC web pages? Content stakeholders can submit an IMC request ticket detailing the change needed. Most web updates can be made within 2 business days; larger requests or those submitted during high peak times may require longer.

IMC also manages the College’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Flickr. If you would like social media promotion for your event, contact digitalcommunications@bhcc.edu. You can also snap a photo or two at your event and email it (along with a short caption).

Nikki Moro, Director of Communications & Digital Content, nmoro@bhcc.edu | 617-936-1913

BHCC Updates and Email Communications (Internal Communications)

The BHCC Update for Students and the BHCC Update for Faculty and Staff are weekly email communications that highlight events for the coming week, College-wide announcements, College news and press and social media mentions for the College. If you would like to include your event or announcement in the BHCC Update(s), contact BHCCUpdates@bhcc.edu.

To prevent a high volume of direct messaging to faculty, staff and students, most announcements are distributed by IMC through the weekly BHCC Update. Certain types of messages qualify for direct email messages, which are distributed via specific internal communication email addresses, managed by various departments, including Academic Affairs, Events, Integrated Marketing and Communications and Information Technology.

Nikki Moro, Director of Communications & Digital Content | nmoro@bhcc.edu | 617-936-1913