The following information is to give prospective employees an understanding of some of the benefits connected with employment status. Benefits are also contingent on legislation, collective bargaining agreements and administrative policies. This material should only be used as a reference. An appointment will be arranged for all new employees with the Human Resources Department.


All employees are paid on a biweekly basis (every other Friday). Employees are paid one week in arrears; that is, the payment you receive on a Friday is for the prior two weeks and does not include pay for the current week. All employees are required to use direct deposit.

Health Insurance

Various health plans are offered and coverage begins on the first of the month following 60 working days or more depending on date of hire. The employee pays between 15 percent and 25 percent of the cost of insurance premiums. Included in the cost of the various plans is a $5,000 basic life insurance. View the most recent GIC information on their website. **

Optional Life Insurance

Optional life insurance is also offered with a maximum of eight times an employee's salary. The premium cost depends on an employee's age and salary.


Faculty and Unit Professionals (MCCC/MTA) receive MetLife (PDP) Dental Plan after a waiting period of six months (depending on date of hire).
Non-Unit Administrators/Classified Employees receive MetLife (PDP) Dental Plan after a waiting period of two months (depending on date of hire).
Unit Classified Employees (AFSCME) receive the Massachusetts Public Employee Fund Dental Plan after a waiting period of six months or more
(depending on date of hire).

Long Term Disability

Long Term Disability Insurance is income protection. The plan replaces up to 50 percent of an employee's regular pay against sickness or injury. This is offered to all eligible employees. The premium cost depends on the employee's age and salary.


The contribution rate for new hires after January 1, 1996 or any former employee rehired after January 1, 1996, who had withdrawn his/her funds, is nine percent. Employees earning more than $30,000 will have an additional two percent contribution. Faculty, president, vice presidents, and deans can opt for the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) instead of the State Employee Retirement System. State employees do not contribute to Social Security retirement.

System Tuition Remission

The Board of Higher Education has approved a policy that provides tuition remission benefits for employees, their spouses and dependent children at public colleges and universities. New employees are eligible for a tuition remission six months after their date of hire. Details regarding the policy are available from the Human Resources Department.

Bunker Hill Community College participates in the statewide tuition remission program available to all employees of the Commonwealth. As the specific type of tuition remission depends on your contract and job status, please contact the Human Resources Office at your place of employment for details.

Tax Sheltered Annuities

Tax Sheltered Annuities are available to all eligible employees and are payroll deductible.

Dependent Care Assistance Program

This plan allows an employee to elect a dollar amount (deducted monthly pre-tax) to pay for predictable, out-of-pocket dependent care expenses for the entire year.

Health Care Spending Account

This plan allows employees to pay for non-covered health related benefits on a pre-tax basis, reducing their federal and state income taxes. Expenses must be medically related. Examples include physician office and prescription drug co-payments, medical deductibles and coinsurance, eyeglasses and contact lenses not covered by an employee's health or vision plan, orthodontia and dental benefits not covered by the employee's dental plan.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a prepaid benefit that offers counseling and referral services to employees and eligible family members (spouse, dependent children up to age 19 or up to age 23 if a full time student).


Permit parking is available in designated areas of the College. New employees may apply for a parking permit at the Campus Police Office.


The College observes 11 paid legal holidays in a calendar year.

Sick/Vacations Accruals and Personal Days

Employees who are eligible for benefits accrue leave time for each pay period. Information on vacation, sick and personal time is available in the Human Resources Office. 


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