Requirements for Graduation

What are the requirements for graduating from BHCC in the Commonwealth Honors Program as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar?

  • Earn a minimum 3.2 cumulative GPA at Bunker Hill Community College
  • Complete an Honors Seminar with a grade of B or better. The Seminar provides three Honors level credits.
  • Complete an additional three honors courses (nine credits), with a grade of B or better. The Program provides students an option to substitute an honors project involving independent research for one of the three required honors courses.

The Honors Seminar is an interdisciplinary three-credit course that allows students to develop their research skills by exploring the theme chosen for the semester from both a scientific and humanistic perspective. Recent topics have included dreams, evil, epidemics and pandemics, waging war / waging peace in the nuclear age, and nature as “other.” In the Honors Seminar you will develop an Honors project and present the results of your research at the Honors Seminar Presentation Program. The seminar offers ample opportunity for class discussion. The Honors Seminar satisfies the Menu 6 distribution requirement.

Honors designated courses are regular college courses, but higher demands and greater expectations are put upon the students. The list of courses for the current and upcoming semesters can be found in the Honors office and on the Honors website. In addition, flyers announcing the courses are posted throughout the campus.

Three Honors Program credits can be earned by completing an Honors Project. In this case, you will sign a contract with one of your professors in a standard college course, do more writing, thinking and research on a new project or on an assignment that you did in the course. This project should be an academically rigorous and personally challenging experience. Upon completion of the project, you will submit it to the Honors office for review. If the project is approved, you will receive Honors credit for the course.

Students participating in the CHP at BHCC may also enroll in internships or service learning projects.

Contact and Hours

For general inquiries, please email:

Honors Center, Room E-145 Charlestown Campus