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Financial Aid Form Upload

Securely upload your completed financial aid forms here

Files submitted here will be received by Student Central. You can check the updated status of your documents by logging into your Self-Service account and clicking on My Documents. Please allow up to three business days for your documents to be processed.

Please note that federal regulations require some documents to have a handwritten signature. If you are submitting any of the documents listed below, you must sign the document with a pen. Typed signatures cannot be accepted.

  • Independent/Dependent Verification Worksheet
  • Verification of Name/Social Security Number/Date of Birth
  • Verification of Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose
  • FAFSA Signature Release Form
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • US Passport
  • IRS 1040

When submitting your documents, please be sure to include your BHCC student ID number on each page of each document that you are submitting. Please also note that each section of each form should be filled out in full.  Do not leave any sections of your forms blank.  If you feel as though any question on a form does not apply to you, simply write “N/A” as your response. Blank sections may result in the form being considered incomplete. Please contact Student Central at studentcentral@bhcc.edu or 617-228-2370 if you have any questions about the forms you are being asked to submit.