BHCC Magazine - Fall 2015


1 The Interview: President Eddinger Interviews Secretary of Education Jim Peyser They discuss early college, dual enrollment, student debt, online education, aligning with workforce needs, and more.
8 Fighting the Good Fight  Senator Elizabeth Warren fires up the Commencement crowd.
12 Starring Students  It’s their world, we’re just living in it.
16 Big Data  A new way to crunch numbers is changing the way we think.
18 Fast Track to College  Earn 20-30 college credits before you set foot on the campus.
22 Thinking About a New Career?  Check out the exciting new programs at BHCC this year.
25 Human Hearts, Jewel Wasps, Robotic Bees and the Frontiers of Science  BHCC students conduct cutting-edge research in the labs at Harvard and MIT.
32 Like Magic   Generous donors make obstacles disappear for students.

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