English Language Learning (ELL)

Earn college credits while learning English

Welcome to the ELL Department

The English Language Learning (ELL) program at BHCC helps immigrant and international students develop their academic English skills in order to complete their chosen academic program at the college.   

The ELL program offers 3 levels of classes for intermediate to advance level English learners, with each level worth 6 credits of transferrable college credit.  Students develop integrated critical reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English through immersion in a selected theme, challenging academic content and campus- and/or community-based learning. Students participate in group work and connect the content to their own lives, using language in multiple ways.  Students can take additional college level courses alongside ELL.   

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Academic ELL Program
Prospective ELL students, please contact the Admissions Office

Department Chair: Jennifer Valdez
Office: D-300D
617-228-3325  |  jvaldez@bhcc.edu