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 Welcome to Bunker Hill Community College - Office of the Dean of Students

Welcome to BHCC! It is an exciting time to be at one of the most diverse and largest community colleges in the Commonwealth. The Dean of Students Office is the primary advocate for students at the college. Located on the Charlestown Campus, Room B309, the office is here to assist members of the BHCC community in identifying and achieving their educational goals.

BHCC Health Emergency (COVID-19) Forms
These forms are for faculty, staff, students, and others to refer a student who may have been exposed to the COVID-19.

COVID-19: Student Self-Report
COVID-19: Faculty/Staff Report for a Student

Report a Code of Conduct Incident

Share information about a person of concern to the CARE team

Request Assistance

Division of Student Affairs  |  We are here for you!

ALL Student Affairs offices will be OPEN VIRTUALLY Monday- Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Dean of Students:

Phone, Email, Chat: 617 228-2408, deanofstudents@bhcc.edu

Julie Elkins: jelkins@bhcc.edu 617 228-2436

Will Cribby: wjcribby@bhcc.edu 617 228-2012

Chi Nguyen : cnguyen@bhcc.edu 617 228-2408

Vengerflutta Smith: vengerflutta.smith@bhcc.edu 617 336-5076


Phone, Email: 617-228-3443, athletics@bhcc.edu

Loreto Jackson: lmjackso@bhcc.edu 864-637-8181

Sercan Fenerci: sfenerci@bhcc.edu 617 228-1998

Joan Rossi: JRossi@bhcc.edu  617-228-3442

Counseling, Prevention and Wellness: 

Phone, Email and Chat

Sara Satham: ssatham@bhcc.edu 617 228 2112

Sartreina Dottin: smdottin@bhcc.edu 617-228-3468 

Raiza Felicitas: raiza.felicitas@bhcc.edu 617-936-1995

DISH:  Food Pantry: 

Phone, Email and Chat617-228-2093, dish@bhcc.edu

Molly Hansen: molly.hansen@bhcc.edu  617-228-2093

Disability Services: 

Phone and Email: 617-228-2327

Ken Elkind: kelkind@bhcc.edu 617-228-2234

Tahmina Munmun: tahmina.munmun@bhcc.edu 617-228-2327

Andrea Schwartz: aschwartz@bhcc.edu 617-228-3443

Keesha Taylor: keesha.taylor@bhcc.edu 617-228-3415

Kathryn Williams: klwillia@bhcc.edu   617-228-3281

Health Services: 

Email only

Health Immunizations for Allied Health Students: 

Denise Amerena: damerena@bhcc.edu

Health Immunizations Reporting for all Students:  

Heloisa H. Branley: hhbranle@bhcc.edu

Single Stop:

Phone, Email and Chat617-228-3330

Kathleen O’Neill: kboneill@bhcc.edu 617 228-3282

Jean-Dany Joachim: jjoachim@bhcc.edu 617 228-3330

Kristine E. Larkin: kelarkin@bhcc.edu 617 228-1915

Student Activities: 

Phone, Email and Chat617-228-2260, studentactivites@bhcc.edu

Paul Moda: PModa@bhcc.edu 617 228 2089

Jeanette Chavarin: jchavari@bhcc.edu 617-228-2261

Carol Melle: camelle@bhcc.edu 617-228-2260

Veterans Services: 

Phone, Email and Chat617-228-3213, VCenter@bhcc.edu

Misael J. Carrasquillo: mjcarras@bhcc.edu 617 228-3233