Center for Self-Directed Learning

CSDL classes have no required scheduled class times. To fulfill the attendance requirement, you are expected to participate in assigned activities and access course materials listed on the syllabus, in Moodle, and on other online learning platforms. You'll get an assigned instructor who is available to work directly with you, virtually or in-person. Your instructor's available hours will be posted, and you are strongly encouraged to meet with them throughout the semester so they can help guide you through the course. For more information, please contact us at

About the Center for Self-Directed Learning

The Center for Self-Directed Learning (CSDL) offers a flexible program of guided self-study for those students who are comfortable working in a non-traditional setting.

CSDL students complete coursework on their own schedule, without attending classes, using both traditional textbook materials and online resources. Courses can extend over the entire semester, or be completed in a few weeks, depending on the student’s needs.

Course facilitators, specialists in the subject area, serve as another resource for students’ questions and concerns, and evaluate and grade their work. Facilitators are supported by professional and peer tutors. The Center is equipped with computers as well as a study area for students.

The CSDL Offers:

How Does it Work?

Students who register for a CSDL class will receive a welcome letter with information pertaining to the Center and virtual mandatory information session. Students will be invited to attend a virtual orientation session during the first week of the semester, where they meet their instructor, receive their syllabus, and learn more about their course. 

During the semester, students will then complete the exercises and assessments provided by their instructor, working according to their own schedule. There are weekly check-ins as part of the course requirements, which may be done in-person or virtually. 

Registration, Tuition, And Fees

You can register for CSDL courses online via SelfService. View all available sections by checking “Center for Self Directed Learn” under the locations menu. Visit for more information. 

You can also submit a completed registration form to Admissions. The designation for CSDL courses is section 450. 

Tuition for courses taken through the CSDL is the same as courses taken in a classroom. Please check the current tuition and fees. 

For CSDL courses, 100 percent of tuition and fees will be refunded if courses are dropped or canceled within five working days from the date of registration or five days after the start of the semester. To withdraw from a course, students must complete a course withdrawal form. The form is listed in BHCC Self-Service. Check the Academic Calendar for the exact date. 

Contact and Hours

Charlestown Campus
Room N-114
Phone: 617-228-2225

Summer Session Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

To find out your instructor's virtual schedule, please consult your course syllabus.