Course Options at BHCC

Known for its convenience and affordability, BHCC offers flexible course schedules and start times to help you make the most of your time and schedule.  

At BHCC, classes run seven days per week. Full-time or part-time, choose an option that works for you.  

In addition to fall and spring semester start dates, BHCC offers many options for students to stay on track with their degrees. These include two mini sessions each semester that allow students to complete an accelerated course in seven weeks, six-week summer sessions and an online winter session. 

How are courses taught at BHCC?  

Classes are offered in several different delivery methods, including in-person, remote, hybrid, web-based, self-study and other various combinations of these methods. Students are encouraged to choose the learning style that will work best for them. Learn more about course delivery types at BHCC. 

Learn More About Our Course Options 

View all available classes in BHCCselfservice. Looking for non-credit courses? View our Workforce and Community Education Catalog.