Vaccination Reward Promotion

Vaccination Reward Promotion

Thank you to all who participated in the Vaccination Reward Promotion. Below is a list of student and employee winners.

BHCC requires students registered for some on-campus courses to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by September 1. Students who do not submit their required vaccine information may be dropped from their courses. For more information, please visit To submit your proof of vaccination, go to 

Student Drawing Winners

Please note, some winners have chosen to have their names not published.

July 15: Quinn Smith-Matta
July 26: Hiram (last name withheld), Miguel Melendez
August 2: Genesis Hernandez
August 9: Cibelly Aguiar, Daniel Louis
August 16: names withheld
August 23: Ina Beinborn
August 30: Kaeshler Mathieu
September 6: names withheld
September 13: Jessenia Hernandez, Wenjie Su

BHCC Employee Drawing Winners

July 15: Henry Allen Jr., Wenjie Li 
July 26: Maria E Gutierrez, Alba Diaz
August 2: Dominic Surrao, Clistenes Menezes Odell
August 9: Brian Newquist, Luz Rivera-Fuentes
August 16: Jennifer Sanchez, Mathias Tilaye
August 23: Michael Specht, Greg Mullin
August 30: Jen Shambaugh Lewis, Akram Bhuiya
September 6: Willem Wallinga, Albena Orlova
September 13: Bryan Craven, Sharon Chaney