MassHire 360

The MassHire Career Information System, or MassHire 360, is a free online career resource through the State of Massachusetts. Using MassHire 360, students can take assessments, find employment data, read real world interviews, and watch career videos where you can see real examples of different work environments.

Students can also find information about licensure required for different careers, programs of study related to potential careers, and which Massachusetts colleges and universities offer educational programs related to their careers of interest.  Use the instructions in the drop down menus below for additional support.

Access MassHire 360 for the first time using the username and password below, and then create a personal account.

Username: bunkerhillcc
Password: bunkerhillcc


Step 3: Research

Once a student has completed self-assessments and done some exploration to find a few career pathways they are interested in, the next step is in-depth research. This will help students make informed decisions and better prepare themselves for the world of work.  In this step, students should combine what they’ve learned about themselves with the results of their research to be confident in their choice of program and career path. 

At BHCC students can use resources like MassHire 360 to access to informational interviews, occupational videos, and expected job openings in MA as well as other states.  Students should meet with their advisors and attend group sessions to learn more about MassHire 360 and how to use it to answer the questions below. 

  • Who can I talk to in order to learn more about this career?
  • How can I gain experience relevant to my future career?
  • What is the career outlook for this major/career?

Step 4: Planning

Students should now use the information they gathered and work with advisors to create a short and long-term plan for next steps.  They can work with their assigned advisor to review their degree and get support planning out their classes for graduation.  If a bachelor’s degree is required for students to achieve their career goals students should attend a Transfer 101 Workshop before meeting with their advisor.  Students will work with Internships & Career Development to create a resume and sign up for Handshake where they can find internship and job opportunities.

  1. Career Cluster Inventory: You'll be asked to imagine yourself doing various activities and answer how much or how little you enjoy doing it. 
    1. Think of Career Clusters as an umbrella, grouping similar career paths and industries together. 
    2. This activity matches your answers to Career Clusters that may be right for you. 
    3. In addition to these instructions use the video below for help completing the activity. 
    4. This takes about 5-10 min 
  2. Reality Check: You'll be asked to answer questions about your lifestyle, bills, and educational level to create a potential budget.
    1. You will be matched with careers that meet your annual and monthly income requirements.  
    2. You can do this activity with a specific career selected, or start from scratch.
    3. In addition to these instructions use the video below for help completing the activity. 
    4. This takes about 10 minutes
  3. Occupation Sort: You'll be asked to select 5-10 career factors and rank them in order of importance. 
    1. Career Factors are different aspects of a job, like travel, wages, flexible hours, or responsibility for others. 
    2. You will be matched to potential career pathways based on how they fit your criteria.
    3. In addition to these instructions use the video below for help completing the activity. 
    4. This takes about 10-15 minutes. 

MassHire 360- Career Cluster Inventory Instructions

MassHire 360- Reality Check Instructions

MassHire 360- Occupation Sort Instructions

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