Celebrating BHCC Moments

Celebrating the College’s Memorable Moments as highlighted in the 2020 NECHE Self-Study

2018 BHCC Moment - Title III Grant

President Eddinger giving a speech to a groupIn 2018 the college celebrated the end of the five-year Title III grant project, From Dreams to Reality: BHCC LifeMap. BHCC LifeMap services, Learning Communities, online curriculum maps, technology enhancements, and refined administrative processes have improved student persistence, retention and the experience for students inside and outside the classroom.

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2018 Moment: Distinguished Artist in Residency

A photograph of over 50 people, students, faculty, and staff, at the opening of the new BHCC Artist in Residency program in the Mary Fifield Art Gallery

In 2018, BHCC Launched its Distinguished Artist Residency. The residency is designed as a way for students to have meaningful interactions with art and practicing artists, and art's role in the College’s commitment to equity and preparing students to be agents of social change.

Event Recap: President Eddinger Welcomes Inaugural Distinguished Artist Scholar in Residence

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2016 Moment: TRIO Talent Search Grant

image of three TRIO students holding a posterIn 2016 the College received a $1.2 million federal TRiO Talent Search Grant from the United States Department of Education to provide college access services to prospective low-income, first-generation college students from Chelsea Public Schools as well as to local youths who have left high school and wish to return to school. Since 2011, the TRiO Chelsea Program has provided academic advising, career exploration, financial literacy, college visits and college and financial aid application support to more than 1,000 Chelsea youths from grades 7-12.

2018 Moment: Richard and Susan Family Foundation Early College Grant

Richard and Susan Smith Family FoundationIn 2018, the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation awarded $2.4 million to establish the Early College program at BHCC, marking the largest private grant awarded in the College’s history.



2016 Moment: ANNAPISI Grant

A woman placing a marker on a wall map of Asia that shows where the participants come from.In 2016, BHCC received a $1.7 million grant from the United States Department of Education’s Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institution (AANAPISI) program, created to expand the capacity of educational institutions to serve these populations as well as low income individuals.


2018 Moment: General Education Curriculum

General Education OutcomesIn 2018, the College approved a new General Education curriculum. Directly aligned with the College’s four Institutional Learning Outcomes (Inquire, Communicate, Act and Grow), the General Education Requirements were designed around a set of General Education Outcomes: INQUIRE with intention, COMMUNICATE with purpose, ACT to integrate knowledge and practice, and GROW through continuous learning.

2017 Moment: Pao Arts Center

A photo of the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the PAO Arts Center with many of hte people involved holding up the ribbon to be cut.In May 2017, BHCC in partnership with the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) celebrated the Grand Opening of the Pao Arts Center. The Center was Chinatown’s first community-based arts, culture and education center, and at the time, BHCC’s newest instructional center.


2017 Moment: Pao Arts Center

Achieving the Dream Logo

In May 2017, BHCC in partnership with the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC) celebrated the Grand Opening of the Pao Arts Center. The Center was Chinatown’s first community-based arts, culture and education center, and at the time, BHCC’s newest instructional center.


March 11, 2020

A photo of participants at the CECW Institute listening to a speaker.In 2017, in a bid to reduce achievement and opportunity gaps among its diverse student population, the Department of Higher Education (DHE) awarded $100,000 to BHCC to develop a Center for Cultural Wealth and Equity, to advance culturally relevant teaching and learning practices. Ongoing CECW activities seek to not only advance the development of culturally inclusive practices at the institution, but is also focused on better supporting the success of BHCC students by aligning the transfer pathways between BHCC and the University of Massachusetts Boston.

March 10, 2020

Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP) Chairman Bill Swanson and BHCC Preident Pam EddingerIn 2015, BHCC’s Learn and Earn Internship Program, in partnership with the program’s founding sponsor, Massachusetts Competitive Partnership (MACP), received a national Award of Excellence in the Outstanding College/Corporate Partnership category from the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC).

March 9, 2020

The Student Central area during a busy school day with students being helpedIn 2018, Student Central opened in its new location in the newly-remodeled B-Lobby. BHCC Student Central offers centralized student services related to Financial Aid, Student Payment, Registration and Academic Records. In addition to a physical Student Central location in the Charlestown Campus B-Lobby, students can also visit the Chelsea Campus Student Services Office, or access Virtual Student Central on the BHCC website, providing access to services from home or after business hours.

March 6, 2020

Achieving the Dream Logo

In 2012, BHCC was named as one of only four community colleges nationally to earn a Gates Foundation Catalyst Fund grant to expand its Learning Communities. The Catalyst Fund grants, administered by Achieving the Dream, assisted BHCC in the scaling of its Learning Community program. Two years later in 2014, BHCC was awarded the Leah Meyer Austin Award from Achieving the Dream (ATD) in recognition of the outstanding achievement of the Learning Communities program in supporting and promoting student success through a culture of evidence, continuous improvement, systemic institutional change, broad engagement of stakeholders, and equity, with particular attention to low-income students and students of color.

March 5, 2020

President Obama speaking at the White House Summit

In January 2014, BHCC work with low-income students earned praise from President Barack Obama at a national gathering of education leaders yesterday at the White House. BHCC President Pam Y. Eddinger was among a select group of approximately 100 college and university presidents, along with higher education leaders, philanthropists and nonprofit organizations, invited to attend a summit on education at the White House. 

Read the press release and watch the video.


March 4, 2020

student stocking shelves at the DISH

In 2019, Bunker Hill Community College opened the DISH Food Pantry. The mission of the DISH Food Pantry is to Deliver Information, Sustenance, and Health (DISH) to the Bunker Hill Community College campus community. The DISH aims to empower those in need to obtain resources so that they may focus on being healthy, happy, and successful at BHCC without the barrier of fighting hunger. The DISH is a student-driven and supported resource that is committed to being a safe, dignified, and stigma-free environment.


March 3, 2020

In 2016, Bunker Hill Community College received a $100,000 grant from Achieving the Dream (ATD) to support the launch of the OER initiative, which aimed to remove financial roadblocks that can derail student progress toward degree.

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