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 Basic Needs

Bunker Hill Community College is committed to providing our students with the means to achieve personal and academic success. BHCC offers a number of services to ensure that hard-working students balancing classes, full-time or part-time jobs, childcare and other responsibilities are able to persist even in times when one or more of those competing priorities would otherwise make continuing their education challenging.

Food Insecurity and Hunger

BHCC recognizes that it can sometimes be a struggle to make ends meet. In a recent national survey of community college students (including BHCC students), 43% of students identified themselves as food insecure. The College has taken a number of steps both to help our students in immediate need as well as to bring awareness to the issue with the goal of establishing high-level policies to aid college students who are food insecure.

BHCC’s Single Stop office connects students in need with community partners and resources that can help with food insecurity, including donated food items, emergency Stop and Shop gift and on-campus meal vouchers.

BHCC has assembled a Hunger Team comprised of a group of College faculty and staff who advocate for immediate and long-term solutions to food insecurity for Bunker Hill Community College and other institutions of higher education.

In 2017, BHCC established Voices of Hunger, a state-wide gathering that brought together higher education practitioners and community partners to share best practices in basic needs services and policies. The convening, now in its third year, rotates annually to other public colleges, furthering awareness and gathering momentum for this important mission. The 2019 Voices of Hunger convening is scheduled for May 31, 2019, at University of Massachusetts Lowell.

In fall 2019, BHCC’s new Food Pantry, DISH, will open its doors to the BHCC community. Students will have access to resources designed to ensure that all students can meet their basic needs.  Not only will it enable BHCC to increase non-perishable food offerings, but it will also enable the College to provide new food options such as fruit, vegetables, and milk products.

Housing and Homelessness

According to a nation-wide 2017 Still Hungry and Homeless in College of community college students (including BHCC students), 46% of students indicated that they were housing insecure, and 12% of students were homeless. BHCC’s Single Stop office can assist students in finding access to housing and other services that they may need to help them continue their education while facing housing challenges.

The Voices of Hunger initiative, now in its third year, was established to bring awareness and encourage local, state-wide and national policies to not only help end hunger but also to address homelessness for college students.


BHCC brings access to higher education to several communities across Greater Boston, with two main campuses (in Charlestown and Chelsea) as well as six additional satellite campuses and instructional centers, many of which are accessible by the MBTA subway and bus lines.

To assist our students in getting to campus, BHCC offers discounted semester T-passes for purchase at the beginning of each semester. Students who require additional assistance can visit the Single Stop office to connect with additional resources to help them get to campus.


At BHCC, three out of four students are also parents. Our Single Stop office can connect students with resources to assist with finding affordable childcare so that they may attend classes.